Skills for problem solvingIt doesn’t seem to matter what we do these days, there always seems to be some sort of problem that comes up for which we need a solution isn’t there? What problems do you need solving and do we really need skills for problem solving?


There are those of us who worry about problems constantly and promise themselves to sort them out but don’t do anything quickly and there are those that take the problem and actively seek the solution so that they can move on. The whole issue is based on your mindset and positive thinking that you WILL find the solution to whatever problem you may have and move on from there.


Those who concentrate on finding the solution quickly by either sorting it on their own or by asking other experts in their field are more likely to succeed more quickly than those who have a problem, think and dwell on it and take so long to find the solution that they get left behind. These people are generally more negative thinkers and don’t look for the positive outcome of those who seek the solutions quickly.


This is also true in business, especially in home business, where you are working on your own at home, even though there are great leaders and mentors out there to help. This situation is far more prevalent in the internet marketing arena. When starting out there is always some problem or other to be dealt with or worried about, but rest assured that with every problem there is a solution. Those who are successful and driven towards success seek out the solution and take the appropriate ACTION to solve the problem at hand. Those who dwell on the problem and worry about the situation and DON’T take action will get left behind and are more likely to give up.


Of course there are times when you have worked endlessly towards your goal and yet nothing seems to be happening the way you would expect, despite doing the daily tasks that should be bringing you the success you crave. What you must do then is to get advice from your mentor and perhaps change your strategy a little or even take a little time to “charge your batteries” again. The way to make this more positive is to reassess your goals and the steps to achieve them and then move on with a new purpose and solution you have found to address the problem of no success to date. Remember, those who fail are those who give up.


Another important point to remember is that different things work for different people. There are different formulas to achieve success, but the basics are the same – those are commitment and consistency. It’s important not to complicate things by over analysis of the problem, because this will make things harder to find the solution. Simple and straightforward strategies WORK.

Problem solving

Considering that there is ALWAYS a solution no matter what the problem is, are you a problem solver or someone who dwells on problems without actively seeking a solution?


So do we need skills for problem solving? I think the skills are driven by mindset and positive thought. What do you think?


To the future,


Barrie Evans