Desire to succeed and self motivationTwo of the most important things you need when working at home is great self motivation and a burning desire to succeed. Without self motivation you will struggle to get things done and progress. Your desire, if strong enough, will help you to develop this self motivation and carry you forward.

The biggest issue about self motivation is that it can be overcome by other emotions. If your belief and desire is not strong enough, it is much easier to falter and lose your way. Build on your desire for success and work on your own personal development to keep you focused on the task at hand so you don’t lose what you have worked hard to establish initially. What is most important, therefore, is that you are able to keep whatever it is that keeps you going. You need to know how to hold on to that one thing that motivates you, so that no one and nothing can prevent you from moving forward.

What is Motivation?

Most people believe that to be motivated you need someone (or something) else to help you. Whether this be a friend or family member who encourage and push you to do more or a mentor or work supervisor who is motivating you to greater things. There could be a situation that may be unfortunate but inspires you to do more and be more in your business.

Any of these motivational sources can be really effective, but the problem is they are usually temporary. As soon as you are doing what is asked or expected of you the encouragement can ease off and you can lose this motivation to carry on. Bearing this in mind, you really need to develop something that is more permanent and effective long term. Working from home in your own business will require you to learn how to do away with any outside influences and achieve the desired level of motivation yourself.

Enemies of Self-Motivation

Do you often find yourself struggling with motivation? Then it’s likely that something must be wrong.

Do you have fears that are controlling you and preventing you from moving forward?

Are you very self critical and analytical and you have already succeeded in discouraging your own self?

Are you just lacking true belief in yourself?

Do you feel you lack confidence and you are quick to back out on opportunities that you find threatening?

Have you failed before and you feel afraid to make another mistake?

If any of these issues are familiar to you, then you need to get to grips with them and start getting yourself motivated.

Useful Self Motivation Techniques

Focus and self motivationOne of the most important things, if not THE most important is that you set your goals straight. What is it that you want to achieve? It’s always important that you know what you want, so that you can go for it. Always follow one direction and focus, and that is moving towards your goal. If you lose your way, just pick yourself up again, reassess the situation, reset your goal and move on.

Find inspiration. These may be people and events from which you can gain good perspective from. Surrounding yourself with positive people will encourage and inspire you because they only talk about positive things. This will be a big positive influence to you and will help you a great deal. They will help you become the person that you ought to become.

Instead of focussing on the things that bring you down, focus on what you have done well and have achieved. It is discomforting to have to look at mistakes, failures and errors, so why should you focus on that?

Visualize success. When you are able to see yourself as successful and achieving your dream situation, it makes everything seem attainable. Do not limit yourself by saying “I can’t” because this sets your mind to a final end. In other words, it’s like the end of a sentence. Remember in your mind that there is no such word as “can’t”. Think of it this way – instead of saying “I can’t do this task today”, ask yourself this – “I have a lot to do today, how am I going to fit this task into my schedule today?” then you mind will act on the solution and not switch off.

Focus and allow yourself to unravel your dreams, if only just with your mind. Always consider that self motivation is key and the burning desire to succeed will help you to develop that motivation towards your ultimate goal. Nothing is impossible if you focus, even if it takes a little longer be persistent and stay with your plan.

To the future,

Barrie Evans