I will not be deniedBefore you go away, PLEASE DON’T! I’m not talking about having a selfish attitude. You still work for the enrichment of others too, but when offered a window of opportunity, do you jump in and do whatever it takes so in effect you are saying “I WILL NOT BE DENIED!” Or… are the type of person who will be shown a new opportunity (business) and says, “ok, I’ll try it out for 90 days (or whatever time scale you feel right for you)”? Wrong attitude my friend!

Go Into A New Opportunity With “I Will Not Be Denied” In Mind

If you truly WANT to have your own business, when you are shown an opportunity that gives you an opportunity to have that business and have the success you crave, why would you just “TRY” it. When you go in with the “try” attitude you are likely to skim along the edges and NOT do things you will be required to do to make it a success. You may have a feeling that it’s something you really “should do” but… I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks.

What if you were to have the attitude that you will do whatever it takes to make the opportunity a success and build your future from the ground up on a solid foundation built on I WILL instead of I’ll try? Which is the more feeble attempt to achieve your dreams do you think?

I will NOT be denied is an attitude that will drive you to the right action to be able to achieve your dreams. You will more likely have the attitude of “get out of my way” and get to where you want to go because NOBODY will stand in your way!

Opportunity comes your way and it’s important to ACT, not “try”. The window of opportunity will close before you get through if you don’t make the decision NOT to be denied your opportunity to make the change that will mould your future into one that you will relish with vigour.

Help Others To Have The I Will Not Be Denied Attitude Too.

No, don't be deniedAs I said at the top, this attitude is not necessarily going to be a selfish one, even though it seems that way. If you can encourage the other people in your team who also want to live their dreams and have a successful home business to get this I will NOT be denied attitude, will you be doing them a big favour? You bet you will!

Your influence will show your prospects that you mean business and when they join you and work with you they will be able to take what you learn and work with your energy to have the success you are having. People will duplicate what you do when you’re successful, so doing the DO instead of “trying the business out” is the way forward.

Take people with you on the ride. Those who falter and drop off won’t stay with you anyway. You provide the opportunity for them and they have to make their own decision to come in or see the window close in front of them. As with everything in life, one opportunity window will close and another one opens. Until you make the decision NOT to be denied, these windows open and close in front of you and others with you will continue to miss out.

Remember this for both YOU and your prospects:

“TRY” and miss out; DO the work and take the opportunity that’s in front of you to change your life! Work ALL OUT for 90 days and then work some MORE!

Don’t go into business with the “I’ll give it a try” attitude because you will be doomed to fail. Instead grasp the opportunity with both hands, DO the work and don’t let the window close unless it’s behind you because then you’ll be in and making the difference. So write this down and work by the motto:


To the future,

Barrie Evans