doesn't workDoes it annoy you when people come out with the bold statement, doesn’t work that business thing you’re doing? I mean do people go up to a top business leader and say that their business doesn’t work?

Doesn’t Work That Stuff!

What do you say to people who are delusional about you’re successful business (or potential if you’re just starting out)? I know that I either say nothing or ask them a simple question. I would ask if they had firsthand experience of the business. Very often the reply I get is – “no, my good friend Joe told me it was a load of rubbish because he knew somebody who got involved and they didn’t make any money. You know they tried it for 2 months for 5 hours a week because they were told they could do it for 5 hours, and got absolutely nowhere!” Typically, people can “follow the crowd” and not look at things in their own right.

There is no question that businesses that get this reaction DO work. Take MLM / Network Marketing as an example. This business model actually has a great track record for those who work hard in the system and are consistent. Trouble is, a lot of people think that the business is easy and they will make a “fast buck” from it. Then the business gets a bad name for being a “get rich quick” or “pyramid” scheme that is nothing but a con (aka a scam)!

What the people who do this don’t ever realize is that the companies make a lot of money from a lot of legitimate business using people who are willing to try to make a good business into a business that pays them well and gives them the freedom to do what they want to do. Thing is, this can take up to 3 years of hard work to achieve typically. Some will do this quicker and some slower, but the key is consistency.

Come and Join Us – Who knows it may change your life!

That Internet Business Rubbish Doesn’t Work Either!

People make statements like this and yet don’t think what they are saying! Internet marketing is NOT difficult, but it IS hard work and also requires consistency to get recognized and make it work. People who don’t have the right work ethic won’t make it. The is NO such thing as a get rich quick scheme, but with the right mindset and focus on the work required you could easily make a full time income in quite a short time. This will enable you to have more time because you will be able to automate things to work on the internet when you do things correctly.

For those who have the firm belief that this stuff doesn’t work, then think about something along these lines:

Would you approach someone like Richard Branson and tell him that Virgin Atlantic “Doesn’t work” because you don’t believe in flying? Or maybe go up to Bill Gates and tell him that Microsoft is a waste of time because you don’t “get on” with computers? Ridiculous right?

If you look at things objectively with common sense then you will see that envy is something that effects your judgement and it’s important you check things out for YOURSELF instead of listening to the crowd. Who knows, you may find a business that you have a great interest in and passion for that you believe you can make a success of. All you need is to get the right education / training and work towards a better future based on your own thoughts and beliefs instead of “Joe” who found it didn’t work for HIM because he didn’t do the work!

So think before you say that something doesn’t work, do your own research and make your own choices.

To the future

Barrie Evans