time is valuableYes I know, I do keep on about giving value and being generous with your time, but you mustn’t forget that you’re in business. Your time is valuable and there comes a point where people who follow you have to acknowledge that. The time I’m talking about is the time for personal consultations. People must realize that there is a price for your valuable time to help them to get success with a particular area that you’re an expert in. You don’t expect a solicitor to “give away” time when you want them to look after your legal stuff do you? There’s no difference with your time and expertise either!

Business Time Is Valuable – Try Getting A Tradesman For Nothing!

You have a leaky pipe or a faulty light fitting, how many tradesmen do you know who will GIVE of their time for nothing? I’ll bet not many, if any at all! You are the same. Yes, we give away a lot to help people to succeed and “draw” them to us, but there HAS to be a value on your time. Every tradesman or business professional work for money and have the attitude that time is valuable.

I’m not talking specifically about people in your team. Because you leverage each other to earn your income, it’s going to be a good thing to give of your time. What I’m talking about specifically is someone who wants a consultation with you. If they are serious about it, they will be prepared to pay you. After all, you are learning how to make money yourself and what you know is precious to those who also want to learn. You can only give away so much, because it’s universal and you know it works you have already shown you care about people and helping them.

Time Is Valuable – Charging For It Isn’t Immoral

When you think about it, when you have given so much of your time and effort into providing useful and valuable tips for free, there’s a time to receive too. The consultations you have with people are the means to get something back, in a good way of course. Yes, you should over deliver, but there should still be a price for your time.

When you’re new, perhaps this should be a small amount, but remember, when you have generated leads on the internet and you know how to do this, the information is valuable. If someone wants to consult with you PERSONALLY to go through this, it takes a part of your day and so there is a value to that. If someone isn’t willing to pay for your time, they are not willing to invest in their own future and education, so are they likely to invest in your business?

As your value grows and your expertise is developed, you can legitimately charge more for your time. People will pay when you are successful because they want to know what you know so they can earn too.

Don’t forget that your time is valuable and you should put a price on your time. You’re in business after all and businesses require money to survive and you also need to eat! Giving EVERYTHING away is not going to be the way forward because you will attract people who are takers and they won’t help your business in the long term.

To the future

Barrie Evans