Sell the benefitOne of the most important things we need to get in business is sales, but one of the most important ways to get the sale is to sell the benefit rather than sell the product.


It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you know what benefits your product or service offer to your potential clients. So sell the benefit, not the product initially. When you go to meet a prospect or communicate online with them, you need to get their attention.


What is the best way to get their attention? Whatever benefits your product offers is the key rather than leading with the product. Generally if you tell people you build websites for example, you could be met with the attitude similar to “how much is this going to cost me?” If you lead with “we provide a way to increase leads, sales and profitability for your business and build up your brand awareness” do you think you have grabbed their attention? You are more likely to get the “how do you do that?” from that type of approach and then you can go into the “sales” process from there. One other useful thing is to provide proof by means of evidence or testimonials to show you have the expertise to produce the results you will be expected to provide.


When you have the prospect’s attention you are able to show them you are the expert and you have what they need. Similar to the old analogy about a person going to the do it yourself store to buy a drill. Why do they go to buy the drill? Because it solves the problem they have to put a hole in the wall to fix a picture they want hung. The solution to the problem is not the drill, it’s the hole. The drill provides the solution.


This is what we have to do in home business. We provide the solution to the problems that our potential prospects have and the benefit is the money that can be earned, the time freedom that can be developed and the benefit of a better lifestyle.


When we are generating leads for our business we need to focus on the benefit we have to offer first. Then we get the lead because we offer the benefit and they join the email list. When they are on the email list you can then build the relationship and develop the sale of your products, service or opportunity. The prospect will see you as the expert because you have the solution they are looking for and you have treated them as “special” in their eyes.


Sell the benefit to leadsIf you approach the process to sell the benefit rather than the product then you are more likely to get the interest of the people you are targeting in your marketing efforts.


To the future,

Barrie Evans


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