driven to distractionI don’t know about you, but it’s hard not to be driven to distraction these days. With all the activity around on social media and online in general, when you’re trying hard to build your own internet business, it’s difficult to get away from the “noise” isn’t it? It’s hard to focus completely on what you’re doing without getting distracted by everything around you as well as the noise around you online.

Driven To Distraction – You Need Something To FOCUS On!

What I do is to get myself into a challenge and make a TOTAL commitment and focus on that challenge. At the time of writing this post I’m on a 30 day list building challenge and then I’ll be on a 30 day blogging challenge that will take up my focus for 60 days. That way I will build my business and hopefully my influence and also build my income and prospects.

The most important thing is to set yourself up for money making activity instead of being distracted into the money spending activity and not taking ACTION on what you need to do to achieve everything you have set yourself to do. Arrange a timetable for your work on a daily basis to make sure that you get the MOST important things done FIRST. Then you will have time to move into the things that take up time and can prevent you form doing what’s the most important.

If you let yourself get away from your timetable, you will be letting yourself be driven to distraction whether you want to or not!

Driven To Distraction – The Four Basic Tasks For Each Day.

There are 4 tasks that you absolutely MUST do every day. These are:

  1. Create a video and upload
  2. Create a blog post based on the subject of the video (30 day blogging challenge can help you focus on this)
  3. Write an email to your list (That’s how the 30 day list building challenge can help you)
  4. Syndicate your content and / or post regular updates on your social media accounts. (Again the 30 day blogging challenge will help achieve more syndication and exposure)

avoid distractionThese things are the MINIMUM you should be doing to get yourself seen and recognized all over the place. How can you get traffic to your offers if NOBODY knows who you are?

Influence is a MASSIVE benefit to you when you are working your business online and the 4 step above will help you to achieve that. The thing is, each of these items is going to be covered when you get into the challenges I have taken part in over the past weeks.

The list building challenge is a training that teaches you about building a list effectively AND how to make money from that list to cover your advertising costs. Yes, there is an initial charge of $1 for the 30 days, but it’s essentially free because the training is excellent. It covers everything from using paid and free solo ads to build a large list and how to structure your offers in order to cover the cost of any form of advertising.

The blogging challenge is one where you write and distribute a blog posts every day and then the other participants in the challenge syndicate your content all over the net. There is also a chance of some prizes at the end of the challenge.

Reasons for taking part? The list building challenge will build my asset for the future, i.e. my list. The blogging challenge will help to build my influence and, as proved by a friend of mine who took part in a previous challenge, help with alexa rank and your site’s authority and standing in your niche.

Don’t let yourself be driven to distraction, but instead drive your FOCUS onto something that will ultimately BENEFIT you in the long term.

To the future

Barrie Evans