self growth neededAs you go through your home business journey, one of the most important things for you to take into consideration is your own dedication to self growth. In order to determine where you are and how you can improve your situation, you need to take some self reflection and see exactly where you are in the overall scheme of things.

Self Growth And Self Reflection Work Hand In Hand

So that you can move into the “mode” of self growth and know your own position in the overall scheme of things, there are 4 types of person who make up the world and you need to identify which one you are primarily a part of.

Of these 4 types of person, you could have similar characteristics to any or all of them. These traits are based on the thoughts of the renowned businessman and celebrity, Robert Kiyosaki and are the points over which you will need to do some self reflection.

Whatever your situation, you need to be honest with yourself and then you can see what is needed to be done to improve your situation and encourage the self growth that will see you flourish when you take action on that point.

The Points Of Reflection To Encourage Self Growth

self growth mattersThese points are:

  1. The first person in this sequence of 4 is someone who always needs to do things “just right”. The person is seen to be a “perfectionist” who won’t publish content because it’s not just “so”. They won’t put out any content because it’s not “right” or they think there’s something missing.
    Another point of view for this type of person is one who believes they are ALWAYS right, they are the argumentative type and nothing is good enough or there is something wrong with whatever you are doing. They are the type of person who believes they know best. Their opinion of self growth is that it’s rubbish and they don’t need to worry about it.
  2. The person who falls into this category is one who wants to “do the right thing” but won’t take any action in case it hurts someone’s feelings. They worry about what their friends and family think of them and base their decisions and actions on what the other person thinks instead of taking the action to make a success of what THEY actually WANT to do but are too scared to do in case their circle of influence disagrees with them. How can self growth work for a person always look for approval from other people instead of working on their OWN goals.
  3. The person who fills this space is one who wants to be comfortable. They may be the type of person who thinks they want to do something, but they are co comfortable in their existence as it is they won’t stretch their comfort zone and DO anything to make progress in their business. They are the type of person who will watch a TV program they are used to watching instead of making calls to forward their business. They would rather “play it safe” rather than take risks. This kind of person knows the value of self growth but won’t act because they believe it’s too risky or too much trouble to them to stretch their comfort zone to achieve that.
  4. This is the person who is driven and wants to WIN! They will do whatever it takes to improve and reach their goals. Although they want to be liked, they are not bothered if someone doesn’t like them because they won’t let anything get in their way. They are the type of person who always stretches themselves and are prepared to do the uncomfortable things and make them more comfortable doing them. They constantly seek out advice from mentors and the small percent of very influential people who can help them grow and develop. Self growth is a daily activity and is seen as a “way of life”.

Having reflected on these points, where do you reside? You may have one, two or characteristics of all 4. The most important place to be is in section 4, especially when working your own business because it’s YOU who makes things work or not.

People who are looking to win will soak up information and act on it. They won’t wait for things to be perfect! They will make mistakes and take advice from the people who are at the top of the profession in order to progress. The 1% are of more use to them than the 99% who doubt their actions. They won’t sorry about what people think, but instead will continue to stretch their comfort zone and be very aware of what they need to do to be successful whatever that is.

Self growth is important and shouldn’t be neglected. Strive to be a winner and embrace it so that you too can have the success you truly want to have.

To the future,

Barrie Evans