Why Does Your Brain Need Exercise?

Exercising your brain can help improve focusI don’t know if you have even thought about the fact you should exercise your brain. Are you aware of the many benefits of doing so? Having all the available facts should help to motivate you to take part in this form of exercise. Firstly, exercising your brain will keep it healthy. It’s a great way to rejuvenate your brain and also stimulate it.

The benefits to you and your business could be immense, especially if you’re struggling with any of the things discussed in this post.

Exercising Your Brain Helps Stress And More

Stress can affect the brain in a lot of negative ways and is a huge problem for many people. Exercising your brain is a good way to reduce stress, but it may be difficult to be rid of all stress. It’s not something any person likes to admit as they get older, but cognitive abilities tend to decrease. This is totally natural so stop panicking right now.

This doesn’t have to be the ultimate end though; you can keep your mind sharp by keeping it active. Experts have proved that the brain the ability to keep on learning and changing no matter how old you are. This means it doesn’t matter what you’ve been doing up to now – you have the power to get your brain working as well as it ever has, or even better!

Are you or have your been finding it hard to concentrate on what is going on around you? It may be that you read a chapter in a book, but when you reach the end you don’t remember much detail about it? This is because of your brain’s focus and having difficulty focusing on what you are doing. People who like to constantly multi task find it really hard to concentrate on one thing. They have programmed their brain to take on a few things at once instead of just one thing at a time.

There are a few exercises for the brain that will help you focus your attention on it. This is a very valuable skill that you can adopt for other things in your life as well. You may find it difficult at first, so be prepared for a little frustration, but don’t give up. The goal is to get past these hurdles so you can accomplish more that you ever thought possible, so remind yourself of that end goal and imagine yourself doing them.

Exercise Your Brain To Improve The “Processing Speed”

When you work hard on exercising your brain, you’ll begin to notice your “processing speed” improving. You’ll see that it takes a shorter time to complete certain tasks. You’ll understand things you read the first time and won’t need to read them again. There may be things you struggled with in the past that now come to you like someone has flicked a light switch because now you can see things clearly.

exercise your brain for more ideasSo you can keep yourself working to your maximum efficiency, it’s important to exercise your brain and reap the rewards. The last thing you want in your business and your life is to let the skills you already have suffer, so keep them sharp. As you get older, don’t be afraid to continue to learn new things because there is plenty out there in this world for you to understand. Make a list of all the things you want to explore. When you go through the brain exercising procedures, find ways to learn these things and get twice the benefit from your efforts.

It won’t be long until you notice significant changes in your thought process. You’ll begin to remember more, process information faster and focus your attention where you want it be. These benefits will your life more enjoyable regardless of what you are doing.

I hope now that you’re aware of the many great benefits of exercising your brain. Now you are aware, it’s time to find some activities to take part in. You can do these on your own at home or you can find some resources online. You can also do this with someone working with you, so explore all your options. The key is to find brain exercises that intrigue you. Make a commitment to exercise your brain regularly to get the best from it.


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41 Responses to Why Does Your Brain Need Exercise?

  • I totally agree about the importance of exercising the brain and the concept of”use it or Lose It”. We now know that the brain is plastic, in that it’s development doesn’t stop when we reach adulthood. We can strengthen, and grow new, neural pathways. We can also weaken areas we don’t use enough. We are living longer and are more aware of keeping in shape physically, but quality of life is diminished if can’t function properly because of memory loss.

    The internet is an amazing resource for learning anything and most of it is completely free. I’ve been taking free courses on a wide range of subjects on Future learn. Some I had only a fleeting interest in but they developed my curiosity to want to learn more.

    I also use lumosity (there is a free version) to exercise my brain. It’s fun to use.

    • Thanks for Lumosity Sue, will check it out. Everything I do is based on preparation and exercise, especially with singing and my music. That helps me a lot, but there are some other things I want to improve on too.

  • Hi Barrie,

    Great post as always. Keeping the brain fit is so important. I try to do this in a number of ways like puzzle, reading, writing, Leigha’s maths homework lol. I actually like reading two book at a time sometimes on the same subject just to get my brain coming up with its own theories.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

  • Hi Barrie,
    Well now I am thinking of ways to exercise my brain.
    I know that doing crosswords are good for people with early
    Alziemers but really not much else. Working on line and writing articles would be a form of brain exercise I would think.
    Will look up brain exercises. Thanks

  • Great article…
    yeah trUe thing,Brain exercise is really must
    It helped me a lot really
    Thanks for the post
    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Barrie, I used to have the Brain Training for Nintendo. I haven’t used it for years now but it was always good fun. I do an awful lot of puzzles, and I do colouring!

    Enjoy the journey!

  • Absolutely agree barrie! my most important role model in life is my late grandmother who lived to the amazing age of 105. to the end she had an amazing sense of humor, loved politics, keeping up with the news, a good debate, and roller derby. 🙂

  • Hello Barrie.

    I, too, feel the importance of keeping your brain in tip-top shape is extremely important. I believe that our quality of life is very important.

    Our brains are very complex. What a waste if we let them just stagnate with boring day-to-day sameness. We need to mix it up!

    I, for one, need stimulation in order to be happy. Our thoughts are very powerful so we have to keep our brains in good condition. 🙂 Maximum efficiency should be important to each of us but I am so surprised by those that take drugs and use other stimulants without even considering what they are doing to their brain.

    Great post, Barrie!

    • I need stimulation too Deborah to stay alert. I can’t be like some people who sit in front of the TV and “exist”. Music has got me back into that stimulation and it has helped so much with everything I do

  • Thanks FOR SUCH A GREAT ARTICLE. WE SHOULD CONTINUE TO USE OUR BRAIN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. The more you use your brain the more will your brain work better.

  • This is a great post and is very true. our brain is just like any other muscle in the body and it needs work to grow and stay strong.

    Thanks for the value here 🙂


  • Hi Barrie,
    I do agree that our brains need rest and exercise too so that it keep on working perfectly. it was a great post and I enjoyed reading it.
    So, Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Barrie,
    So true our brain is lust like our body the more you exercise the more energy you gain

  • Hi Barrie

    This is an awesome post and you are so right that there is so much benefit to execise the brain. It is believed that when one is old, the brain begins to be less functional but we have seen older people do make a difference with their genius brains. Age is just a number.

    Thanks so much for this post. Take Care

  • exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills. There are plenty of good reasons to be physically active.

  • Keeping the Brain healthy has always been important for me since dementia runs in our family. I’m always doing puzzles, reading, and learning new things because I’ve seen firsthand what memory loss does to someone.
    Ruth Bowers recently posted…[Friday Five] 5 Time-Saving Content Creation TipsMy Profile

  • High-quality submit as constantly. The extra you utilize your brain the more will your brain work higher. We must continue use brain as viable. Our mind is just like any other muscle in the body and it desires work to develop and keep powerful.

  • Hi Barrie,
    RIGHT on target Friend. I like to play scrabble aND do puzzles myself. I love reading, but don’t always have that leisure lately. I did suduko for awhile and my sister had mensa suduko. That was a fun challenge and I didn’t cheat(too much…tic)
    Paula recently posted…Today is TodayMy Profile

  • Hi Barrie
    This is an awesome post and you are so right that there is so much benefit to execise the brain. It is believed that when one is old, the brain begins to be less functional but we have seen older people do make a difference with their genius brains. Age is just a number.
    Thanks so much for this post. Take Care

  • This is an awesome post and you are so right that there is so much benefit to execise the brain. It is believed that when one is old. KEEPING THE BRAIN HEALTHY HAS ALWAYS BEEN IMPORTANT FOR ME SINCE DEMENTIA RUNS IN OUR FAMILY.
    visit: https://mg12.com/

  • Exercising your brain is also imperative to having a healthy body down the road a ways. You must keep your brain and body active to avoid such diseases as ALZHEIMERs and Dementia. Thanks for the post! It’s always great to have a reminder to take care of ourselves.

  • Thanks for this great post. Some times i solve sudoku, or play 2048 to Exercise my brain During my free time. Nowadays i see these fidget spinners are very much popular, and people say it reduces stress, i Don’t how. Everyone has their own way doing this, and we all should do this atleast for 30min in a day

  • i was listening to a storY on NPR yesterday in which they discussed how yoga creates physical changes to our brain. They can see the changes by comparing a MRI of the brain before and after a few weeks of exercise.
    So, I started to research this issue and came across this article. I enjoyed this article as it gave a different take on many conclusions I already knew. I walk 30 minutes every day to keep my brain fit and I can feel it when I miss a day. Thank!!!

  • generally, exercise is very good physical activity that improves the well being of human nature but many has not thought of doing same to their brain. but sir, how are we to do, to ensure that our brain are exercised? http://www.healthlanders.com

  • do agree that our brains need rest and exercise too

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