Facebook Friends and FansIf you have your own business and are on Facebook, I have some useful Facebook marketing tips for you to help you to build a business relationship with new prospects using Facebook as a business building tool.

You may think that these Facebook marketing strategies are pretty straight forward, and they are, but it’s amazing the mistakes that people make if you are not careful. I hope these Facebook marketing tips can help you to alleviate any potential problems that may arise.

It’s important to have the right mindset and take action if you don’t want to get left behind. There are many businesses using Facebook to market their products and grow their business, which is increasing the competition. If you think that Facebook marketing doesn’t work, or you’re too late to get a slice of the action, think again. With over 500 million people on Facebook and growing daily, there are some potential prospects or customers there for you as long as you do things the correct way. Of course, if you use Facebook you will know that your message will not only go out to your friends, but to their friends too, which increases the power of the beast.

In a nutshell, if you use Facebook to market effectively and efficiently, you will get results converting friends and fans into prospects and eventually to sales or sign ups to your business opportunity. This is not based on how long you’ve been on Facebook, but HOW you use it.

In order for you to get started in the right way, Here are some basic “do’s and don’ts” that you can use right away.  Start by implementing good practices and eliminating the bad, and then you’ll begin to brand yourself as an expert in your subject as well as someone who provides real value.

If you can brand yourself in this way you will get more fans and followers who’ll come to you for more advice because they trust you. Using your own unique personality, talents and continually growing skills will set you aside from many others who don’t spend as much time branding themselves in this way.

Tip #1

DO use a photograph of yourself.  It’s important to “be you” and show you’re a real person. Your photo should reflect this, so if you feel being more formal initially is more relevant to you, use an appropriate picture of you in a suit and tie. If you are a naturally smart, but casual person who is more family orientated, then get a family photo and show lots of these of you having fun.  If you’ve got a photo of yourself with a well-known person in your niche, use it, because this will add more credibility to your personal branding.

DON’T use an avatar or a picture that isn’t relevant to you, unless it directly relates to your niche.  If you’re a dog lover, you can use a photo of You and your dog together. The most important thing for most people is that they feel they can get to know you personally. This is less likely to happen with a photograph of a beautiful sunset (unless you’re in it) or a cartoon teddy bear.

Tip #2

Facebook Marketing Tips - GlobalDO fill out your profile with as much personal information so that you can paint a little picture of who you are and what you have to offer your friends and fans. Include a link to your fan page, blog, Twitter account or anywhere you provide value. Whatever you do, providing VALUE is the key. It may be better to use your personal profile as personal to just good friends, but you can still include links etc.

DON’T use your profile to directly market your product to your friends. This will ultimately annoy them and you could have your profile removed by Facebook. Also, doing that will lump you in with the rest of those people who blindly jump in just to tell you how brilliant their business is rather than providing value and showing the benefits they can offer. Your goal is to attract people to you rather than send them away. Which would you prefer to do?

Tip #3

DO create a fan page.  Your fan page will be the most important part of your Facebook marketing. It’s the place where you can freely promote your product or opportunity to your fans. Your fans have joined you to get great information and training from you, whether it is free or paid, so use this well. Your fan page can provide you with a list of highly targeted leads that will help build your brand on the internet, so treat them like gold!

DON’T just put up a page with no content or value as this will send people away from your page as quickly as they came. If you don’t know the best way to get your fan page set up, there are lots of inexpensive fan page generators that will help you create a more professional page that will help to increase your credibility.

Tip #4

DO provide VALUE. When you are looking to increase your fans and followers, you should visit other business fan pages and comment on their posts etc. Provide value to the conversation and you will get more fans (as well as using FB paid ads to get more followers). Providing value is also relevant on your own fan page to keep your fans coming back for more. Your marketing can include great free content to your fans, such as links to blog posts, and also a means to invite them to webinars and provide trainings and new tools and other campaigns designed to get a sale, but don’t get greedy with it.  Be certain to include several posts in between each offer that strictly provide value. To entice the “LIKE” to your page, find an offer you can show to your potential fan that is great value and is free. That way you can ask for their contact details in order for them to get the free gift and also to get the LIKE in order for them to be a fan and therefore become your new prospect.

DON’T go out and spread your link and opportunity all over friend’s Facebook wall, or on other fan pages. Ask yourself this – would you like it if someone came to your fan page and all they wanted to do was to promote their product or opportunity? I doubt it! Facebook is a great place to brand yourself and build credibility, but you will appear to be clueless and just another “waste of space” to most if you don’t go out and provide value as discussed earlier.

I hope these few Facebook Marketing strategies have been helpful to you. I wish you luck in your business and hope you get lots of fans and followers who can benefit from the value you provide to them.

Barrie Evans