fear of changeEarlier today I was watching the original Planet Of The Apes movie, with Charlton Heston and one thing that hit me more today, even though I’ve seen the film several times was the total fear of change. The message was relevant that the culture was wrapped up in their own security and fear of the past, they lived like we tend to do and pushed things aside to keep the culture “safe”.

The Biggest Fear Of Change Is In Us

Fear tries to make its way into our lives every way it can. We are constantly bombarded with bad news, because no news is good news is it? This breeds trepidation and fear about so many things. What then becomes natural to any of us is the fear to change our lives for the better.

Every day we hear about how some part of our “system” is breaking down and it’s always somebody’s fault. The fear gets into the general public and it gets out of hand. Yes, we may have some serious things that need our attention, but they are very few in the whole picture of things. Publicity and media have exaggerated things such a lot that no wonder people have fear. There have been so many changes that have big publicity that it’s becoming the “norm” to have a fear of change.

How Do We Eliminate Fear Of Change?

There are certain things we don’t have any control over, but the ONE thing we do control is our own lives. When you make a decision to make a change and have the belief in your own abilities you can break free from the fear of making changes to make your life better.

If we were all to live in the fear of doing something to make a difference, life would be very desperate because there would be no innovation or people who step out and make the difference. Because of the fear all around us, it’s harder to break free from this fear to make a difference in our own lives. We tend to “stay safe” and stick to what we already know.

What do we already know? A lot of us will realize that we will have to work longer because the pension system is broken and the demands of modern living mean that we will need more to be able to live. Unlike years ago when a person could have a job for life and be able to pay their way and also have a good pension that would take care of them for as long as they are with us.

afraid of changesThe new age, that has moved on from the “safe” living age gives us a lot of opportunity, but why is it that so few take the opportunity? Fear of change is the very thing. Do you believe that you have skill? I bet you do, because you DO. Can you be taught new things and adapt? Of course you can, so why is there so much fear? The opportunity we now have is based on change; change in us as people. We shouldn’t dismiss what we have learned, but we should dismiss how we have been brainwashed into believing the only way is to work in the system and “trust” the governments to help us. Yes, they will do their best, but they are living in the past, just like the apes.

Fear of change is all around us and fear of making the decision to change how things are taught and how things are done is also all around us. Having a home business is a change that will make many fearful. Why? Because it’s change. If you have belief, you need not fear the change because you are prepared to learn and make a difference. If you have a dream and a vision to change your life for the better, do it! The opportunities are there, but it’s up to YOU to make the difference!

Make fear of change a stranger to you and your household. Go out and live your dream and don’t accept the things as they are. Governments may try to change things, but they are held back by too much politics and too many rules. Help yourself to help others around you to live a dream and change lives.

If you’re interested in a business opportunity, then go and look for it and act on your instinct. You CAN make a difference because ALL of us can. Fear of change could stop you, but will you LET it?

To the future

Barrie Evans