finding your nicheBefore I start, I must apologize to those of you who pronounce niche (neesh cos it’s French!) as nitch. It is something that irritates me and I’m sorry if it offends. Still, finding your niche and how large your actual market will be for a business idea is vital to your progress. Doing the market research is a key part of your business strategy and it’s important to be able to determine this and prevent you from wasting a lot of time.

Finding Your Niche – Top Tips

I have a few simple tips for you to help you with your initial efforts in finding your niche and the market for your business idea. The simplest thing to do is to search the internet, usually with Google, and look for forums that may be based on your niche. Enter a relevant keyword in Google and put forums on the end and see what you get. If you don’t find one that is directly linked, then widen it out, especially if your idea may be what is known as a “micro niche” or a niche within a niche.

When you have some results there, I advise you join these forums or a few of them in any case so that you can see how popular this subject is. If there are lots of members, you could be onto a winner, especially if it’s more obscure than a lot of other business ideas. If there are very few members and there are NONE from your area or worse still, none from your entire COUNTRY, will it be feasible for you to have a business in that particular field.

Provided you can have enough information to make it worthwhile carrying on, you can look for blogs on the subject. Again you can do this by searching Google for the information by putting in your niche keyword and following it with “blogs” in the search term. If you have a successful outcome with that and you can see enough potential to start a business in that field, you can start to look on social media.

Going on to sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can search for people who post about your niche subject or look for groups based on the niche you want to target. This way you can interact with the members and make friends. This is a great way to start finding places to get potential leads and sales by offering your products as ways to solve problems the people are looking for.

Finding Your Niche Locally

Finding Local Niche marketOne of the key things to look for is a local connection. You can check this out on Google too. This is done simply by entering your niche keyword again or closely relevant keywords followed by the town / city or area you live. If you’re looking to start online, this may not be necessary, but there won’t be any harm in doing this anyway because local referrals for your business will be very valuable.

These may be simple tips, but necessary when finding your niche to start up a new business venture. (Please don’t forget to scratch the nitch though.)

To the future,

Barrie Evans