Having Laser Focus Drives Your Passion.

passion is driven by focusIt’s actually quite obvious that without focus, it doesn’t really matter what your passion, there is no substance to carry that passion forward. Focus drives passion in such a way that it helps you to define goals. Goals need laser focus and passion needs to create the goal, so each is intertwined to be sure. Knowing what your passions are should therefore help to create the focus you need to reach your goals and be happy in your life. And that happiness is because you’re doing what you are so passionate about.

Certainly lots to think about.


“Follow your passion – It will lead you to your purpose.” Oprah Winfrey.

Focus And How It Drives Your Passion

Key question – what are you passionate about?

It’s no secret to many that know me that I love music. I wanted music to be my career, but it wasn’t ultimately because of some bad choices I made and the passion for the music meant that I left some important things to enable me to pass the exams to go to Music College. I lacked FOCUS on the most important things just because I was so driven by music that the rest just fell away in comparison.

It took me a long time to realise that passion on its own is not enough; you need FOCUS too. (My friend Deborah A. Ten Brink covers this very well in a recent post about business focus and your passion that you can read here.)

Because of all this, I ended up doing a job that I had no passion for, which meant that I had even LESS focus on being able to keep the business in that field running and achieving any potential that it certainly had to grow and prosper. Even though I spent several years performing music in a semi-professional role, my everyday business working the job I hated consumed me and this affected my music and therefore I stopped to concentrate on what I thought at the time to be “the right thing to do”, which was 100% on my “day job”.

Ultimately I lost the business, lost my way completely and had to reassess my whole outlook on life. I came across something I not only found interesting, but also a challenge. I love to be creative and this was a great way to get back into being creative. There were a lot of ups and downs and some more bad decisions, which I won’t go into or this post will turn into a book!

Eventually I got back into music. My passion was again fuelled beyond anything I can imagine and this has helped me in so many ways. I have focus on things that are important to me. I enjoy my work. I enjoy my leisure, which is singing in choirs and playing the piano (for which I get paid and really cool). My passion is back and my focus is more targeted than ever in my life.

Focus Drives Passion – Conclusion

focus drives your passionFrom my own experience I know that focus drives passion in more ways than passion driving focus. Of course, you need the passion to achieve anything you want in life, but focus is a much better driver. The passion I have for music brought it back to me after many years of neglect away from it. This in turn has helped me to focus on my business, which is one I now have a passion for.

Focus and passion are infectious, so be sure you are passionate about your leisure time AND your work. The passion will help you see the goals you want to achieve. The focus will help you achieve those goals. If you’re not sure what your real passion is, read about finding your passion on the PAC blog.

When you discover your passion, if you haven’t already that is, it’s a good idea to make some personal pledges to yourself to achieve the success you want. This will set you up in many ways to creating better focus to achieve and drive the passion in your business to greater heights.

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We would love to know more about how your focus drives passion in everything you do too.


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16 Responses to Having Laser Focus Drives Your Passion.

  • Hi Barrie, great post, I do so agree that passion impacts on how we focus and focus certainly impacts on our passion.

    I also had a very different career path in mind when I was younger, always wanted to be in hotel management, but when I left school my parents could not afford for me to go to college, and at that time there was not the financial help available that there is now, so I went into a different career path and it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that a hotel owner offered me the opportunity I had longed for, to manage his hotel. But as they say, everything that is meant to happen happens and I probably wasn’t anywhere near responsible enough to make it a career when I was younger.

    Enjoy the journey!

  • Well said! thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you had to learn such a hard lesson, but i think sometimes these are the most worthwhile. One of my favorite books is The power of focus and i couldn’t agree more with your point about how important it is.

  • Afternoon Barrie, I agree that passion is not enough on it’s own. So many marketers and business coaches feed the lie that passion without drive, determination, focus, curiousity and many other things will kill your dream faster than anything else. I’d go as far as saying business coaches should be banned from using the word passion entirely.

    • Good point about coaches not using passion. I think passion is a very personal thing and cannot be replicated. It’s important to encourage the focus that will drive you forward with the power of that passion coming from you can do so much as I have experienced myself.

  • Hi Barrie

    What a topic and this is the REASON why i had to reference to your post. You are right that focus drives passion. focus isn’t enough alone but when it is APPLIED to passion, it does wonders.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  • Hi barrie, my own passions have got a bit out of control and I’m now lacking focus. as you say that is so important. I have made a pledge to myself to find out why and what to do about it. Following my journey is the topic of my own pac carnival contributions.

    • I know how it feels to have things out of control. Distractions away from my real focus is killer for me. Unfortunately they are distractions that cannot be ignored in my case, but it’s so frustrating sometimes and I have to just get on with things.

  • Hi Barrie..
    Passions change which I think reflects where you are in your life and what interests you. But, I do believe there is a “thread” that weaves in and out of our lives that creates a foundation – that certain something we keep coming back to – like your music, right? As an example… I have certainly found this to be true in my own life …

  • Sometimes it seems our focus is important and distractions just test us. Perseverance strongly comes into play with unintended and unwanted distractions. Like I was reading your blog and someone comes into the room asking tons of questions and basically pushing for attention that takes your focus away. Sound familiar anyone? Anyhow, great topic….I lean strongly toward focus vs passion anyday. But as the old saying goes, “I plan and God laughs.” I get it, lol, sometimes.

  • Barrie:

    What I immediately enjoyed about your post was how you shared your own personal experience with passion. I knew from you participating in my Facebook group that you were back into music. What really resonates with me is how you felt when you had to leave your creative side behind while performing your day job. I, too, had to focus on other things while earning a living in real estate and its related fields.

    Honestly, what I had to do was find opportunities within that niche that allowed me to be creative or I would have suffocated, LOL!

    That’s why when I moved to Arizona, which was a 2400 mile drive, I had time to think about what I wanted to do the rest of my life that would make me feel fulfilled. I just couldn’t do the real estate niche any more. I thought back to what I had truly enjoyed over my 30+ years. What I truly enjoyed was creating and designing websites and blogs, photography, videography, and… In the far recesses of my mind, I remembered the joy of painting! So, that’s how I got to focus on my passion!

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog post. I always try to make people think and inspire them. It makes me so happy to know I helped you in some small way. 🙂

    Continued success my friend! Don’t stop the music!


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