the present needs your focus
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Part 3 of 10 based on the principles of Albert Einstein. When we consider everything we do and think, how many of us have negative thoughts about something from our past or what MIGHT happen in the future?

Put everything into perspective and consider what Einstein said once:
“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves”.

The MOMENT is what matters and the task to make the experience the best you can. So what if you had a bad kiss yesterday? You must concentrate on NOW and stop worrying about the past or future to make the kiss that perfect experience.

Why Is It So Important To Work For Now?


Because now is all we have!

Let’s address the question mentioned about having negative thoughts about something from the past.

What can one do about it? If you have learned from that experience then you should be able to change things so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

The way to deal with this problem is to fully concentrate on your goal. To stay in the present and focus on what you actually need to do to be “in the moment” and not worrying about things you can’t change or the dreaded “what if” scenario, focus on WHY you want to achieve.

Is what you do putting you in a feeling of true contentment?

Is it your bliss?

Ask yourself what is stopping you from being in this situation. What is stopping you from being “in your bliss” when doing your daily tasks?

Focus On The Now Instead Of Other Things.

Avoid distractions. There are many things around us that can distract us from what we need to do. We have a goal and we go onto Facebook to do some marketing. Before we know it, we start answering messages and taking notice of the notifications. Everything we do in this modern world revolves (or seems to) around some notification or other:

  • You have mail.
  • The dog needs to go out.
  • The school is telling you your child is not well (hopefully not often)

You get the idea?

What are 5 distractions you should avoid?

  1. Constantly checking email.
  2. Checking for messages and other things on your mobile phone too often.
  3. TV – goes without saying that one!
  4. Radio – to a lesser extent than TV possibly.
  5. Facebook or other social media you can get addicted to.

So, in order to focus and stay focused on what you need to achieve today, do everything you can do to keep on task. Although it’s not easy, try to avoid distractions and thinking about the things you cannot change that have passed. Take the “what if” negativity from your future by doing what you need to do NOW.

Repeated and focused, appropriate daily action will lead to success and there is no need for negative “what if” in your mind.

Think about the quote above and consider how you can concentrate and give your full attention to what you are doing instead of letting yourself drift away because of the things I have pointed out in this post.

Focus on the present, because it’s the present that matters to create the future that you truly want.

Thanks for reading.

Barrie Evans

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