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This is part one of a ten part series based on lessons that the great Albert Einstein lived his life by. This subject was discussed in a mentoring group I participate in and thought it good to share. I hope to show how you can take advantage of these lessons to help demonstrate the genius that you have inside you too.

Einstein didn’t consider himself a genius. He did, however, consider himself curious saying “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”.

Do you follow your curiosity like Einstein did, or have you left it behind in your childhood? You must recall how certain things made you curious as a child. Do you still feel curious about things or accept them “as they are”?

Let’s see…

Curious? Yes, but with passion.

When you have a passion something, combined with curiosity to find out more, it can lead us to get the maximum out of something you have an interest in or are keen to do more with. Curiosity leads to learning and the passion should prompt you to take action to move your interest forward to the next level. This will help to enhance your life in a good way and, if you’re in business, help to improve that too.

This curiosity has opened up new knowledge that you can use to take your business forward.

Having a love for what you do and a passion to succeed helps with this too.

What Reason Do You Have To Stop Following Your Curiosity?

If you don’t like your job, will you be curious enough to find out more about it and improve your position?

I doubt it, for the reason that you have no passion for what you do and you are “doing what you are told to do”, which is a recipe for a loss of curiosity.

Is it because you are “comfortable” and fearful of breaking free to do something you truly love?

Do you LOVE your job and your life the way it is?

Whatever your reason, there is one question you can ask yourself…

Am I curious to know what it would be like to follow my dream (ambition) instead of accepting things as they are?

The way I see it, having asked myself these questions, is that the most important thing for anyone who is not happy in their life is to make the change. This can be done in small “chunks” so that you don’t have to forfeit your job and income until you are in a position to do so.

Belief is everything, but letting your curiosity drive you, along with the passion to achieve your new found goals is vital. Remember there are plenty of people, including me, who are ready and willing to help you to achieve what you want to achieve.

The decision is YOURS!

The ACTION needed to make the change is YOURS!

The release of your curiosity is in YOUR control!

I, or any other person, is not able to release your curiosity. We can, however, help to trigger it for you if we have something that can help you to reach your dream goal.

Follow your curiosity and recognize that your own inner genius is waiting to be released too.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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