Whether or not you are involved in MLM home business or internet marketing home based business, one thing we are always told by our peers is: “You need a system to succeed.”

These days, from what I have learned, it’s fairly obvious that you not only require a ‘system’, you need an automated system in order to get the best from your home based business. An effective system will start the process of getting the lead and also begin the task of building the relationship. Do this right and this will lead to financial and time freedom for you.

Adopting these four tips properly WILL, in my experience, increase your earnings with ANY home or internet business opportunity.

1: Create a “capture” or ‘squeeze” page.

Don’t know what this is? Have you ever been to a page that shows you a very special offer and filled in a form to get the information? If so, you have certainly seen a capture page and even been ‘captured’ by one.  A capture page is simply a page that is set up to give some brief information about a product or service, prompting the visitor to leave their details. More often than not, the page is constructed to get your interest and offer you a solution to whatever problem you wish to solve. Generally, the most effective capture pages touch on the prospects personal, business or financial needs compelling them to find out more by filling in their information, which is then sent to your own auto responder message system (more about this in part 2). When the prospect enters their information, you own their information for as long as they stay a subscriber and you can continue to follow up with them, building a relationship and trust by offering tips and free advice or even offer them a paid product you have developed or are an affiliate for.
Capture pages are an absolute necessity in order for you to effectively build your list in order to develop these relationships.
There are many products out there that help you to build capture pages, so go search for the best one for you.

The most successful home business owners and internet marketers have built up large lists of thousands over the years. Because they have developed good relationships over time, they can promote any new product, service or opportunity to their list first. This system helps you to gain a big head start in your business and if your products are trusted and sought after because people trust you to provide great value and training, your list will stay loyal to you.

Moving on….

2: Following up with prospects via email

This is the easiest, most recognizable and cheapest form of follow up. When the prospect fills in the information form on your capture page, you need to get this information redirected to an auto responder. There are several auto responder services out there that provide great deliverability and tracking for your campaigns. With your auto responder service set up, when a prospect fills in their information, you not only get to keep their information for your list, but now you can follow up with them daily, weekly, monthly easily. Of course, you have to write your email follow up messages ahead of time, but once you have them completed, you can follow up with your prospects over and over. The best way to do this is to set up about 4 or 5 emails to describe the product or service a little and build some trust. Offering something for free will help because you can sell to your prospects later when they trust you more. People always buy from those they like, know and trust. The most important email is the very first one. All this needs to give is your name and contact details, saying a little about yourself and assuring the new prospect you are there to help them at any time.

After the initial 4 or 5 emails it’s important to email your list every day (twice is good) and build on the real person image. Start by telling your prospect a little about your day before you get into the ‘meat’ of the email content and eventually to the reason why your offer can help them and then the call to action to click your link.

Follow up emails are a great help in getting your message out there, but don’t get sucked into relying on it as the ONLY method you need. This would be a huge mistake. Truth is, that email follow up and marketing may become far less effective due to spam laws and people filtering their email accounts. Be truthful and ethical and you will have a good chance of more success.

I also mentioned that email is the cheapest – why? Yes auto responder service companies charge monthly fees based on the size of the list you have. Consider this, some marketers have lists in the tens of thousands, and could charge the highest fee of say $70 per month. You could be mailing to these prospects twice a day, every day. If you had a list of 10,000 how much would it cost you to send out mail by conventional means? You have those costs PLUS the cost of the card or letter in conventional mailing, whereas email is just the monthly cost for as many as you want to send, simple really isn’t it?

In order to reach as many people as possible, you need to adopt additional methods of marketing.

3: Video message

Whatever short message you have, you can now set up a short video on sites such as You Tube. This will get you seen and will give you the chance to get more prospects to visit your capture page and sign up to your email list. Your video need not show you personally, it can be a short power point type presentation that you dictate your message over. When you get more confident, than you can “show yourself” and be more personal.

4: Get your own Website or Blog

Developing a website or blog can enable you to build more trust. Learning the right skills in keyword research and basic SEO (search engine optimization) it’s possible to develop a 30 minute a day plan that will boost your presence and give you the opportunity to gain more leads.
The blog will give you more opportunities to get your message out there and provide more opportunities to build your email list by offering forms, again linked to an auto responder, that allow visitors to get more information from you. Blogging is another great tool for you to provide free and valuable tips and tricks is the articles that you write or obtain for your visitors.

Adopting these 4 tips to develop your own automated system will definitely increase sales and income. Also your new system will be working for you while you are doing the things you enjoy, and it will offer you opportunities to contact prospects by different means without you being there.

Remember, it is not always enough just to have a system. You need to have an automated system that you can plug each prospect into that will run itself while you focus on building your business.

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