Business LeadsOne of the coolest things you can do is to generate leads for free. Yes, it is hard work, but rewarding when you see the new people sign up to your list.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Next is the relationship building and getting to know what each new lead wants helping with. But getting the lead is the main thing you and I as home business owners need more than anything.

So, how have I done this? Basically it’s down to consistent work and the mindset that, no matter what, I will succeed. So when the first person who signs up to your list from your blog / website, consider the work you have done and think about the fact that it will no doubt be one of many sign ups you get as long as you continue to do the work you get used to doing.


So the free lead generation method was?

I do a blog post a day. Whether this is through written or by video content, I post once a day. Then the content has to be syndicated and shared to social media sites in order to get your content seen by others and therefore to get traffic to your site.

Before you start to put your post together, one of the first things you need to do is to think of a subject you are comfortable writing about. Then you will need to do some keyword research. Choose some relevant keywords or phrases and research them to see good search numbers with low competition from other sites. A great tool to achieve this is Market Samurai. There is a free version for you to try first, but the paid version gives you much more. The training for this software is good and is easy to understand as it goes through each part step by step. Make sure you include these keywords in your article, with the main one in the first sentence (in bold text) and the title of the article. Then include through the article where relevant. Put in some photos if you can making sure you use a keyword / phrase in the “alt tag” for the photo (this is the text that shows up when the photo isn’t visible).


Syndicate Your Content

Now you have your article published on your blog. It’s time to get it syndicated. You can do this several ways. One of the best ways is to share it on Posterous, which is a free service. You can use this service to share your content into several social media locations set up in your new account. You can also set up accounts with many other social media applications, but one of the best ways to do this just once is to join Only Wire. This is a service that will send your content out to lots more social media applications.

One of the best methods to syndicate your content and get it shared is to use a service called Tribe Pro. Again, this service is available free, but the monthly fee is not huge and well worth the fee to be able to “auto syndicate” your content.

Find Facebook Groups relevant to your niche. If you can find an open group all the better, but check out what others do first to prevent being banned. Also this is more ethical and you are more likely to be noticed in a good way if you do things right. These groups will be somewhere to share your content. Also, while on the subject of Facebook, get yourself a fan page set up and promote that. Then you can share your content there too.


Free Lead Generatin onlineOk, so now you know some places to syndicate your content. This has worked for me and my traffic is growing and leads are starting to come in regularly. It has taken hard work and consistency to make sure this process is kept to each and every day, but it’s worth it. The next step is to get several leads a day and then…..

Good luck in your free lead generation efforts.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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