generosity is about more than moneyIn these days of internet marketing, there is so much free stuff and giveaways around we don’t know where to look next. There are so many items of value and yet there are some that are not of the same value because they are designed to get a person’s details only. The more value is offered, the more generosity is given.

Generosity Is About More Than Money

There was a time when people’s thoughts about generosity were based on money and the gift of money to a particular cause. The fact remains that generosity in itself is more than being about money.

In these days of developing attraction marketing, it’s important that part of our make up as marketers is to be generous with what we share. The prospects’ requirements matter more now than ever before. It’s our job to seek out these needs and help people to solve their problems.

Because of the spammy content everywhere on the internet, people are looking for you to provide solutions based on them rather than hitting them with a link to join your company. When you make a connection and find out their pain FIRST, you will gain their trust and therefore the opinion you create will be favourable.

For these reasons we must be ever more generous with our time and sharing our knowledge. There has to be a line somewhere though because we are in business and we have to make money. This will generally come at the end of a conversation after you have identified the prospects troubles.

How Much Generosity Do You Share?

When you think about how generous you are, you must also realize that your gifts are received well and that they will be subsequently passed on. This will increase the generosity from person to person and your team will grow. Having people in your team who don’t give as freely could be detrimental to your business efforts.

Being generous doesn’t always mean that you have to give TOO MUCH away. This is not going to benefit you in the long term. You can offer a great product to someone and yet still provide great generosity in your marketing. Should you be affiliated to a product, the price is going to be a fixed one, so you can be more generous by offering bonuses that are going to be exclusive to you. Not only does this show how generous you are, it also shows your value is still consistent and you over deliver. Your clientele will love you for offering so much to them and you will still make money because you will get the sales.

Generosity comes in so many forms, but it’s not necessarily about money. The most important thing is to be consistent with your value, consistent with your offers and consistently put yourself in the position to make money in the process.

To the future

Barrie Evans