better resultsOne way to ensure you get better results in your business is to “sow more seeds”. When a farmer plants the crops, he knows the best place to plant them. He knows where the fertile ground is so he can reap the rewards when it comes to the harvest and yields the benefits of the action he took to find the best place to plant the seed. This is the same for a business where you need recruits to help you build your income, but the “sowing the seed” analogy is relevant for nearly ANY business.

Finding The “Fertile Ground” To Get Better Results.

This is done by research into your market, but essentially it’s where all the people who are your target market “hang out”. You need to be in these places to be able to plant the seed to get the curiosity of the people who NEED what you have to offer to come towards you and seek what you have for them.

This is the attraction marketing method, but you should also be prepared to TELL people what you have for them. You don’t need to “pitch” them strongly, but if you trigger the curiosity you will get the people to ask you about how you can help them and you will achieve better results. If this is in the online area, you will more likely get their email address and they will be on your email list.

Don’t Get Complacent Or You’ll Jeopardize Your Growth

You have solutionIt’s all very well to take a lot of action and start to create interest and getting reward, but if you think that the work you did a month or so ago to get things moving is enough, think again!

I have been guilty of this, so the advice is to keep going. Even when you have great momentum that seems unstoppable, you will still need to do work TODAY so that you can reap the rewards tomorrow. Business shouldn’t stand still, but people WILL.

Whatever you sow, you reap. Make sure you’re planting a lot of seeds every day, even if, after time, it’s in shorter blasts. The important thing is to KEEP doing it. Your results will falter if you don’t DO the work regularly. Remember that consistency and repetition of action yields more results in the end.

Go find where the right people hang out, plant the seeds and see who is looking for the solution you have to offer them. When you do this on a consistent basis and rinse and repeat on a regular basis, you will get better results all day, every day.

To the future,

Barrie Evans