get in front of your prospectsThe most important thing for a new business owner is to know their target market. When you know who your best prospect is going to be, then you need to find as many ways as you can to get in front of them. Here are 4 simple tips to get in front of your perfect prospect and start to create a connection.

Get In Front Of Your Prospect

Before you go into any strategy, remember that the more personal the connection, the more likely you are to create a relationship that will develop a like, know and trust scenario. If you can make a contact with a prospect and talk to them, it is possible to do this a lot quicker than merely using online email and similar techniques. If you’re uncomfortable talking to new prospects until they are “warm” to you, this could take a little longer, but essentially this is possible.

Get In Front – Identify

The first thing you need to do is to identify your target market and who your prospect is going to be. Should you have a lot of knowledge of business owners in the construction industry for example, you will know what potential problems they might come across in their business. It may be that they would be up for an additional line of business that you can offer them that will enhance their income, but not affect their everyday business in any way.

You might have a network marketing business and understand the struggles that you have gone through to make it in the profession. Your target market could be network marketers in your area who are struggling too and they need your help.

Get In Front – Connect

The next stage after finding out who your perfect prospect will be is to connect with some people. There are various ways to do this. You can write a blog that will specifically be targeted to those people and present offers that can help them. You will need to have a form to capture the prospect’s details so you can connect with them through your email list.

There is social media. You can get onto the most popular social media sites and look for groups that are based on the particular niche you will be targeting. You can connect with people in those groups by sending them a message and communicating with them in a friendly way first. Mention something you have in common with them and ask some questions. Whatever you do, don’t lead with “buy this because it will change your life” or similar because you will be disappointed.

The 4 c’s are your outcome: Collect, Connect, Communicate and Close.

Get In Front – Purpose / Outcome

You’re in business, so your activity requires a purpose and outcome. Ultimately this is to get a sale, but initially it’s to get the communication and build trust and rapport. There are different reactions from different people and you need to be aware of these. Some people will be like a hungry fish and bite quickly; others will be more cautious and require thinking about things more. The important thing is to remember everyone is unique and your approach needs to be unique to each one.

Initially, your outcome is to get a prospect onto your email list. Then you will be in a position to communicate with them and “drip feed” offers to them that will be of VALUE. If you can get into a chat situation then you can ask more questions. If you can get them to a call, then you will have more of a personal connection and an opportunity to build the trust factor even more. Which leads us to…

Get In Front – Use The Personal Touch

Whatever your choice of marketing method, whether it’s blogging, social media or any other form, the more personal and “real” you appear to your prospect the better. If you’re comfortable to get in front of a camera, then video is a great method that forms a connection with people. If you can portray your message as though you’re talking solely with the person who is watching the video, the connection will be made.

Put yourself “all over the place”. Get in front of people on social media by sharing and commenting so your photo and your name is everywhere people look. Eventually people will get nosey and they won’t be able to resist coming to find out more about you.

When you make your capture pages, use a video to request the prospect leaves their information for you and if the presentation you are sending them to see is not done by you, introduce the prospect to the person who does the presentation. This will be an indication of how easy it is to copy what you do as well. The prospect will LOVE you for showing how easy something is as well as how much VALUE you offer to them.

You can offer things like lead generation systems, affiliate programs, free training on social media or blogging or anything else that provides value that you have found that has helped you.

I hope these 4 tips are helpful. The details may have been brief, but they are an important way to get in front of your prospects and start to build a following. Good luck with everything.

To the future

Barrie Evans