Capture Page ContactWhen building your MLM business online you need a way to efficiently get home business leads into a recruiting or sales funnel. A recruiting / sales funnel is where you get the visitor’s information then send them to a page with more information about your product or service. Then they are taken through a sales process which prompts a decision from the visitor. The most vital of these processes is getting the information and is the essence of your business. Without leads a home based MLM business is dead.

Having your visitors submit their contact information allows you to follow up with them, to contact them personally and offer advice or your very own story, or even to just answer their questions.

Getting a visitor to give you their contact information isn’t that difficult, but it is so important to your business.

Introducing… Capture pages:

A Capture Page (also known as a Squeeze Page) is usually a page designed with only one purpose: to get the visitor to give you their contact information. Initially, you don’t aim to make a sale, you don’t care whether they forward the page to their buddies, and you don’t aim to teach them everything about your products or opportunity. You simply want them to give their contact information in exchange for more information or deeper access to your site. That’s it. Nothing more! With a capture page you’re essentially saying “I’ve got your interest and desire to find out more, but the only way to get more info is to fill in your name and email address in the form to get the info”.

A capture page is designed for just the one thing, so there should be no extra links down the side to click on, and no flashy banners to catch their eye. Just the single purpose of generating you leads.

Another great benefit of a capture page is the ability to “filter” your prospects, so you only have to spend time talking with people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. They have not only seen your offer of a solution to their problems and become interested, but they’ve proved it by giving you permission to contact and follow up with them. It is then that the relationship and trust development process is built up further.


You can build a capture page as a separate part of your blog or website (a sub-domain or sub-directory), or have it as a separate website entirely.

Your goal is for your new MLM lead capture page to be high converting, turning many casual browsers into prospects, so you at least want to have a dedicated page, not simply adding an extra post to your blog.

To gather people’s contact information efficiently you will need a simple contact form and an Email Autoresponder, which will handle your follow-up emails automatically. There are several autoresponder services out there. Two of the most popular are Get Response and Aweber.

There are several ways that you can build your capture page. One of the best ways to do this is to use WordPress with the theme available from Optimize Press. This theme offers pre built pages that you can use as capture pages as well as a generic blog theme. It’s a system that is used by many top marketers these days and cuts out a lot of work and full training is offered on how to use the theme effectively. After this, you can figure out what you want to say, and the best way to say it, and get started.


Your capture page can be your main website, listed on your business cards and leaflets, or you can use it solely for advertising campaigns. For example, you might want your full website as your email signature and as the name that follows the @ in your email address, but your capture page link might be a better fit on your blog when you promote your business opportunity.

A capture page is quite simply a lead generation tool, not somewhere you send people who ask you for more information, nor is it somewhere you send people who have already given you their contact information. The capture page is the means to get your prospect into you sales / recruiting funnel, which is the information that has been requested by your prospect. The added advantage is you get the permission to contact them.

home business leadsHere are some quick ideas to promote your capture page:

  • Running an ad with Google Adwords
  • Creating a Facebook fan page (free)
  • Crfeating Facebook Pay Per Click Ads
  • Publishing of blog posts related to your business and linking to your capture page
  • Creating a Twitter profile and promoting from there (free)

…and of course the hundreds of other ways to promote a website!

This is just the start of getting home business leads into your recruiting funnel. More capture pages targeted to different areas of the market will open up your business to more opportunity to grow.

To the future

Barrie Evans


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