don't be half hearted to start businessIt doesn’t matter what your business or job, if you don’t commit to doing something you love, you’re in danger of getting into the “half hearted” zone. This is more dangerous when you have your own business, but could also mean losing a job.

The first thing you need to look at is your own desire to do the job at hand. If there is something in the business that you see as lucrative and that is the ONLY reason you want to do it, there is the possibility (or worse) that you can enter into it half heartedly. So, ask yourself if it is something that you are really passionate about. Does the task you have to do FEEL like work, or is it a pleasure?

In my own experience, something that doesn’t “float your boat” is that which leads to a less than committed approach. Essentially, you need to reflect on your own desires, interests and passions to be able to make the right decisions.

Avoiding Half Heartedness.

I have already mentioned knowing what you want, the reason for doing it and your passion for the business. If you are sure that your choice is truly the one for you, there could be other factors that are causing your less than fully committed approach.

These things usually end up being psychological and can destroy confidence and therefore the belief that you will get results. The importance of looking inside yourself and discovering the underlying problem cannot be stressed enough, but this is not always easy to accept.

Many people make statements that are designed to take away the feeling of failure in a personal way. They tend to blame a system for not working, even though others are using it with great success. Either that or it’s so and so’s fault because they promised to have you earning by the end of month 1. The problem with this attitude is that EVERY opportunity is no opportunity. NOTHING works because the person is relying on others and not doing the work necessary to see the success they crave.

“We will do the work for you” is a myth, or extremely rare at best so don’t fall for it!

The most important thing you can do is look for the RIGHT opportunity in the niche that you have the MOST passion for. If there isn’t one, perhaps you could design and build that opportunity yourself. There are courses out there that can help you do just that. There are so many ways to research with the resources available to us. It’s vital that you know what you want FIRST. You avoid the danger of the half hearted approach when you are fully committed to making something work.

no half heartedness to learnYes, you may have to learn new skills. Until you accept that it’s YOU that makes things happen and are aware that blame is just another excuse for your own inaction, you will never move forward.

Think about what you say to yourself and others. Is it right to state that something “doesn’t work” when there are several people making a LOT of money from it? The most ethical marketers share what they are doing to earn that money in paid for courses or sometimes for free if you’re a part of a network marketing team. It’s up to you to ask questions if you don’t understand what you have to do so you can be successful too.

Of course, there are occasions where certain tasks don’t suit certain people. If you don’t “fit” in a particular system, you have not failed. You have found out that the system is not the right one for you. To know this, you have to do the work. Edison succeeded in making the light bulb by means of finding out what didn’t work. He eventually found what did and it grew from there. Without that determination and passion to achieve, we may not have had the advances in lighting technology we have now. They could have taken longer.

Don’t give up your dream. Know what you want to do and where your passion is and you will achieve the success you crave. Settling for less than your true desire can lead to a half hearted approach that can prevent you starting on the right foot, or worst still, guarantee failure and dissolution and the fatal “blame culture”.

To the future,

Barrie Evans