objectionsWe all get objections when we are talking to potential new business partners. It’s how we handle the objections that will show the prospect how well we know our business and can show them that their objection is understandable (maybe), but not something they should worry about.

Get Help In Dealing With Objections When You’re New

One of the most daunting things for anyone who is new to a business opportunity is dealing with objections from their new prospects. As a newbie, one of the best things to do is to get your prospect to a presentation and then arrange with them for a call back to discuss the presentation with them and answer any questions they may have. If possible arrange for your sponsor (or experienced upline leader) to join you on the call so that the objections, if there are any, can be handled by someone with experience.

The more experience you get with taking these calls, the better you will get. Also you will get to know the typical questions and objections that are presented and how to answer them, especially when you leverage a person with experience.

Objections Come From Uncertainty

In my experience, the objections tend to come more when your prospect can sense there is some uncertainty in your voice. As a newbie this will be more likely to happen because you may be nervous and you will be inexperienced. When you have more knowledge and more confidence, you will find fewer objections from your prospects. You will still get them, but you will handle them with confidence and your prospect will have more confidence in you.

The top leaders will have fewer objections because they handle things with complete confidence and poise. This will be because of their experience and knowledge. Learning from these people and leveraging their knowledge to help you to deal with the objectors effectively is going to help you in your business.

Of course, if a person seems to be bent on objecting no matter what you try to do, will you really want to have them in your team? Would you want to work with them when they could be a damaging influence to your business? As much as we don’t want this to happen, there are people out there who do nothing but complain and have a negative influence on things. Unfortunate, but true.

Don’t appear to be desperate and don’t accept just anyone. People who have objection after objection are generally not interested and will not be good for you. Those who have a genuine concern because of hearsay can be answered with confidence and they will then move on from their objections because you have given them a different perspective to their objection.

You want people in your team who will have enthusiasm and desire to work with you rather than winge and complain at every opportunity. Make a list of common objections and get confidence in how to answer and deal with them to put your prospects’ minds at rest. As you grow into a leader, you will find you will have fewer objections to deal with because your confidence and poise will show through.

To the future

Barrie Evans