believe you can do itIt doesn’t matter what business you choose to do, the important thing for you is that you trust the business you are working in and believe you can do it! If you have faith and passion in your choice of business then as long as you have that belief that you can do it and be successful you are going to see results.

When working in a home based business there are initially two things that are serious enough to really hold you back:

  • Fear – where you are afraid about getting out there and making things happen. However trivial this may seem it’s real to the person who is experiencing this. And….
  • Belief – Where you may doubt what you do based mostly (in my experience) on other people’s reaction to what you’re doing and the way this “doubt” eats away at you.

These things are either self inflicted in some ways or from the “opinions” of others who tell you to be careful or to forget it all together because “so and so” tried it and failed.

Believe YOU Can Do It!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have faith in your own ability?
  2. Have you learned from appropriate training and have developed skills your doubters don’t know you now have?
  3. Do you BELIEVE in your choice of business?

If your answer is a definite and firm “YES” then you are on your way. You may be the type of person to prove your doubters wrong and have a strength and determination to succeed. When you have the belief and passion in your choice of business, then this will fuel your belief in yourself and you will see results as long as you stay focused and committed to your goals.

Those Who Mentor You Will Say To Believe You Can Do It!

The importance of someone, or maybe more than one person, to mentor you and help you with your progression into your new business is key. A mentor will help you to develop the right techniques and help you to perfect your content to get better results and promote the right way. They will always be positive and encourage you to move in the right direction.

The people who work with you will want you to succeed and there is no benefit to them or you to doubt you or fuel doubt in you about what you have chosen to do.

Believe you can do it – You don’t get results if you don’t believe in what you do!

Think about that statement carefully. I can speak from experience because, although I have always had immense belief in my ability, I have in the past been in a business I thought was ok, but I didn’t have a passion for it. What happened? It ultimately failed because my heart wasn’t in it. It didn’t feed my passions and desire and the outcome was frankly inevitable.

I’m not one who doubts or blames the system or the business. People who are successful in that business are just so because it WORKS! It just didn’t work for me because I didn’t have the same enthusiasm they have for it! Without the enthusiasm or belief in that particular business it doesn’t fuel the desire you already have and it’s easy for disillusion to set in.

Work with people in the RIGHT business for you and you will get the encouragement. You WILL get the training and also you WILL receive the people’s total support and they will tell you to believe you can do it!

To the future

Barrie Evans