confidence is keyWhen you have your own business, whether you have employees or not, it’s important that you have the belief and confidence to succeed. Confidence is key to any or all of your business building efforts because when you have confidence in what you do then you have the capability to do anything! Belief and confidence are very closely linked. So much so that if you don’t have the belief that you can achieve something, then deep down you don’t have the confidence to do it!

Confidence Is Key And You Need To Work On That!

There are all sorts of high percentages that are quoted regarding people who fail or give up in business, especially a network marketing or home based business. These percentages are ridiculously high, but what is the REAL reason for this. Could it be a lack of confidence that is stuck in the subconscious?

I think that this is possible because, when you think about it, the very small percentage of people who actually make it and have BIG businesses are those who have unstoppable confidence. They believe they are going to succeed in everything they do and have the confidence to do whatever they want to do. Because confidence is key and this confidence in ability and outcome is so strong in these people, then success is inevitable! On the flip side, despite nearly everyone having the capabilities to do whatever they want to do, when there is a lack of belief that a particular outcome CAN be done, then the confidence is lacking so much in that outcome that it won’t happen!

Then there are those who may be somewhat “stuck in the middle”. You may have unending confidence in your ability to do certain things and yet you may have just ONE thing that you have a doubt about that is stopping you from progressing to a higher level. This may be caused by anything from a childhood experience to basic fear of failure! You may get 9 out of 10 things done, but the 10th thing seems to be the ONE thing you have difficulty with that will take you past your blockage and see you truly succeed. This may the one thing you need to work on.

This lack of belief in the ONE thing is something that could be the only thing that is stopping you from progressing to bigger and better things. Lack of belief and confidence in the outcome you want is the thing that is stopping you from jumping over the fence that will take you from stony ground to the abundance of the green and grassy knoll that is beyond that fence and full of promise.

Confidence Is Key And Yet We Are Influenced By Others?

Confidence in abilityPeople sometimes will influence you by being negative around you. They will tell you that you “can’t” do this, but do you have to accept that? Of course not! Apply yourself to what you need to learn and do and then take the action to get stuff done because this will build up your belief and confidence in your ability!

Think about the story of the two frogs stuck in a well with no easy way out. The frogs who are at the top and outside the well keep shouting to the trapped frogs and telling them they will never make it and doomed to fail if they keep trying. The two trapped frogs keep trying and the others keep up their shrieks of “YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” One of the two frogs gives up and accepts his fate and dies. The remaining frog tries harder and harder despite the shouts and eventually he takes one last massive effort and escapes.

When asked by the other frogs why he kept on going even though they believed he couldn’t get out, the relieved frog said that he knew they were shouting, but couldn’t hear the words. He thought they were encouraging him and so he kept trying and trying and believing he could do it and getting more confident to get out.

Confidence is bred from encouragement and belief. Encourage yourself to do better, believe that your confidence is key to your success and your ability to overcome any obstacle will be clearer and you WILL make it to bigger and better things!

To the future,

Barrie Evans