healthy competitionHealthy competition can be good for you and your business, but beware of some competition because it could affect you more than you think in a negative way. There are varying types of competition depending on the business you’re in. You need to be careful of what I call “toxic” competition.

Healthy Competition That You Can Use To Your Advantage

The types of competition that you can use to your advantage are the kinds where you get inspired by the tasks you are expected to do. This may be to get a certain number of sign ups in order to qualify for a prize. I have known several people in the industry who have won cars, cruises and all sorts based on a competition. This competitive streak can be both good and bad, but not necessarily the worst kind of competition.

Healthy competition is also when you have a business rival who may set you a challenge. This could be how many particular products you can sell in a week. There are so many forms of healthy competition that will inspire you to greater heights and more success in your business.

Competition from your peers is healthy because you get the power from within you to make the breakthrough and achieve more. What you must be careful of is envy and jealousy.

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When Healthy Competition Turns Bad

When you enter a competition and don’t achieve your target, you could end up being jealous of those people who do get through and win the prize. Have you ever been at an event where there are some people who are genuinely happy for those that made it, and yet there are those who are saying “I should be there because they were lucky to get the extra sign up” or similar statements?

This is detrimental and is very negative. This kind of competition is treated as bad. When someone criticizes YOU or your business without cause, this is what I consider being toxic and can be devastating. A business friend and colleague talked about this on a call the other day. His name is Dr Bob Clarke and he was speaking from recent experience. Avoid being critical to others and other businesses because this is not only the wrong thing to do, it’s also VERY damaging to your marketing. You will be seen in a bad light and it will affect you in a negative way.

Avoid “toxic” competition in every way you can and avoid getting involved. Leave those who tend to do this alone and move on. They are not worth the effort if they have such a devastating and negative thought process because they will drag you down to their level and you will suffer.

Bob spoke about the one kind of healthy competition that helped him in his business. I have taken up the challenge and I must say it has helped my focus. People I know are seeing what is happening and are commenting that they see me stepping up so much more and this is a good thing. I believe that self praise is no praise, but I feel I’m truly stepping up to the mark and now I’m much more a “part” of things since I have taken on the challenge.

What is the challenge?

It’s the competition from within. You work every day to progress and challenge yourself to have a better day than the day before and focus on goals with more purpose. When this healthy competition comes from within, Bob’s thoughts are that you will be inspired to live the life of your dreams. I think he’s right because my focus has strengthened even more since I have taken up the challenge.

To the future

Barrie Evans