more productivityOne of the biggest problems those of us who have a home based business is productivity. With all the distractions around us such as email, social media and a lot more when we work from home, it’s sometimes difficult to see where the time goes and yet we haven’t got the things done we wanted to during the day.

Want To Get More Productivity Into Your Day?

I have found that dealing with things like email can be difficult because you’re always tempted to open your emails to see if there are sales notifications or new leads. The most important thing to remember is to be disciplined and stick to your daily plan. When you get a lot of emails in one day across several email accounts you can spend a lot of time on dealing with these things. Time that you should be spending writing content or connecting with people, but instead you’re trawling through the emails you actually NEED to deal with at some time and the rubbish that you don’t want to see.

Then there is social media. How much time do you spend on Facebook every day? If your lead generation source is Facebook, then it will be necessary for you to spend more time than most, but that doesn’t mean you should go off on tangents because you get a message from a good friend. Spending time on messaging often takes up a lot of valuable time chatting about something that, although uplifting, is unnecessary when you need to get your tasks done. Then there’s Twitter and Google plus and every other thing that can distract you at important times of the day. Another dent into your productivity time.

Working from home will have its own distractions. Do you leave the TV on? Is it in the same room as you are working? Do you have children who are home from school because of holidays? All of these things need to be addressed and put into your plan and schedule to work your business so you can avoid them when you need to work!

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How To Get More Productivity And Avoid Distraction

stress about no productivityTo do this you could go find some course or other and spend your money, which will perhaps distract you even more. But, if you could find just 15 minutes a day to listen to a podcast that could help you with this problem and it’s FREE, would this be of value to you?

My good friend Gavin Mountford, who is the Business Productivity Guy has recently started a series of daily podcasts that are invaluable to help you be more productive in your home business. He covers the very things that can take up so much of your time and how to diminish or eliminate them from your business work time. How to deal with email overload; how to use social media effectively for your business and how to schedule this to keep your personal “friend” time separate. If you miss the live show, then you can get the recorded podcast and listen to it over and over if it helps you. I put them onto my mp3 player and have the series to listen to when I feel the need.

You may look for software that will help you to arrange your day. There are things like focus booster, which helps you to break your day into increments of 30 minutes so you can focus on each task without distraction. Gavin has a product called the Results Machine, which does a similar kind of thing, but this can be set up to fill the whole day or even a week of activity! You are urged to include some time for you and your family away from working, so it covers almost everything you need to cover.

If you’re struggling with productivity in your home business, I believe you can’t go wrong with this valuable resource based on the experience of someone like Gavin who has had the insight to bring this to the marketplace so we can all benefit.

To the future,

Barrie Evans