realityIf you own a network marketing business you will be aware of making lists and contacting people, including all of your friends and family. Reality is a lot of your friends and family will “run a mile” if they think you’re a little mad and you keep on bothering them. There are those who also put out posters, flyers and the like to put the “join my opportunity” message everywhere we can, even if, in some cases, it’s illegal to do this. What happens then is that others get the wrong impression of the business and the benefit of it. Does all this seem real to you?

What Is The Reality We ACTUALLY Need?

What we actually need to be thinking about is the fantastic opportunity to contact thousands, or even millions, of people who WANT what we have to offer and is right there at our fingertips. This is the new reality and we need to take full advantage of it.

One problem with the internet though; bad news travels like wildfire and you can be shut out as easily as you get in! The internet is THE best place to be able to find targeted prospects for your business who WANT what you have to offer rather than avoid you whenever they see you approach.

Using the internet isn’t an overnight fix, but when you learn how to market properly with an effective system that is ethical and teaches you to do this without offending anyone; you could be onto a real winner. This is how the top leaders in the industry have made it to be where they are today. When you can effectively use this training and the system you could most certainly develop a FULL time income with PART time hours, even as little as 2 hours a day!

Does This Appeal To You?

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How To Take Advantage Of The New Reality.

Don’t get into any illusion that this is going to be easy initially. It will take some time to get to the 2 hours a day situation I can assure you. What you need is dedication and consistency to create a great foundation for your business so that it will last for years to come and get stronger. The good thing about this business is when you get momentum you can’t stop it from working, it’s getting the momentum that takes the work.

New realityReality is, you need to believe in yourself and your vision. This is extremely important. I advise that you work on your own personal development, because this is also very important. Working on YOU is something that will set you up to control your own destiny and you will understand so much more about both you and your prospects when you work on personal development.

Connect with people who inspire you and who you think will make a difference to your life. A great way to do this personally is to get to as many LIVE events as possible. When you “rub shoulders” with successful people then some of the positive “vibe” will definitely make a difference to you and you will be even more inspired.

Reality is something that we all need to think of, but old realities can hinder progress unless they are updated to a more modern approach. The massive growth of the internet means that the new reality shows a different and yet effective way to build a business. Important thing to remember though is to be ethical and adopt what you learn the RIGHT way or, just like in the reality of offline business, you can and most probably will be ignored.

To the future

Barrie Evans