Although there are many people who can get to grips with the basics of SEO (search engine optimization) in their online business activities, many of them still don’t fully understand the full process. Should you not know the whole process, which is vital for you and your website to prevent problems for you later on, it’s also vital that you to learn the whole process in basic form so that you have covered this and then can learn the more advanced techniques.

So why must you learn the basics of SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the means by which your site will rank in the search engines. Using these techniques ensure that your site will get indexed and ranked. If you follow these few tips you should be able to get ranked and get some results you’re your effort.

Your Domain Name

The right domain name is important. You really need to get one that is based around your product, or, if you are in the home based business arena, a domain that is or includes your name. This vital to your branding online. Use a trusted extension such as dot com if you want to be recognised worldwide or one that is relevant to your country if you need more local targeting, e.g if you are in the United Kingdom. If based around a certain product try to include a keyword in the domain name as this can help with your basic SEO. A good domain name can in many cases keep you one step ahead.

Do Your Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most vital areas for you. It is important to learn what the best keywords are that are associated with your website. Once you grasp this, it will help you to get traffic to your site and make it easier for people to find your site.

AS soon as you have your keywords all sorted, you need to place them in your site description, page title and in your content. Your main keyword or phrase would need to be in the title and description, but make sure it’s within the first few words. This will add weight to your site and the relevance will be indicated to the search engines and help the ranking.

One thing you need to avoid is using keywords that are too general. Doing this usually means that the competition will be huge and the chance of your site being seen is minimal. Use longer phrases that are still searched for, but have less competition. There are tools available that can help you with this research. One of the best is Market Samurai, where there is a free version and lots of training videos at their support area to help you to master this.

Try to avoid overusing your keyword or phrase. This will be bad for your site and its credibility with the search engines. Spread several of your keywords around in your content, ensuring the main one is mentioned about 4 times on average in your article based on its length. The most important thing to the search engines these days is relevance, but overuse of the keyword may be considered as “spammy” so be careful.

Relevance of Content

Relevant and unique content is the best method. The way the search engines check up on your site nowadays is more based on uniqueness than ever before. (This of course is only if you keep any copies to a minimum. You could post an article to a few sites and these could be taken and used on other sites providing that they leave the links in. Don’t make 5 sites of your own that have duplicate content because the new rules suggest your rank will suffer.)

Your content should be relevant to your keyword or phrase and your product. The more relevant your content, the better rank you will get. The domain name, title and description of your sites pages will give the search engines the first clue, the relevance of the content on the page is the key to even better rank. Focus on the keyword usage and placement in order to get the best from your optimization.

Get Backlinks

One of the most, if not THE most important part of SEO is getting relevant backlinks.

You need to go out and generate valuable links to your site and use relevant keywords and key phrases as “anchortext”. Anchortext is simply the key phrase that has been made into a link to your site. For example, if your site is about dog training, and anchortext may be “how to train your dog”, which is made into a clickable link within the content by means of what is called “hypertext”. This link is shown as relevant by the text used to link to your site and adds more weight to the credibility and will improve the rank again.

There are several ways to get these backlinks. You can write articles and submit to various article directories such as Ezine Articles. You can use a free service such as the free traffic system where you are able to get 2 anchortext links in each article back to your site from each site you submit to and get accepted. Go to online forums focused on your niche and take some time to research them and then start to add to conversations by valuable comments. This will enable you to get in front of more people and your link will be noticed and you will get more targeted traffic.

Whatever you do with the article directories and forums, take time to make sure you follow the terms and conditions of linking and stick to them, or your account will likely be removed.

These basics of SEO are the essence of getting the best from your website. I hope you have found this useful.

Barrie Evans

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