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How To Overcome Rejection.

It doesn’t really matter what business you’re in, whether it’s sales or a business such as network marketing where you need to recruit people, many of us have to face up to and deal with how to overcome rejection. Rejection, or what appears to be rejection, is something we have to cope with and getting past the “no” is the difficult part for many people. Why? Because they believe it’s somehow THEM that are the problem, when it’s the person they speak to just saying the product, service or opportunity is not for them at the time of asking.

Overcome Rejection By Thinking It’s No For Now.

A good way of handling objection is to consider the “no” as a “no for now”, rather than a downright refusal to do business with you. It may be that what you’re offering the prospect right now is not a good solution for them, but you may be able to help them with something in the future. When you’re asking your initial questions, make sure that you keep the notes you put together for that prospect because you may come across just the thing that can help them in the future.

Don’t dismiss anyone because they said no to your offer. There may be exceptions of course, especially when someone is rude and more than dismissive of you, but in general you will be able to approach someone in the future if you have something of value to offer them. They may say no again, but, one thing is for sure, they will appreciate you thinking of them and know that you mean well in trying to help them. Some people need to be approached several times no matter how much they seem to trust you. Every person is different so when you take their “no” as a no for now, then you can move on to the next person.

Overcome Rejection By Moving On!

Now comes one of the best ways to “overcome rejection”, which is by saying, ok that’s another out of the way – NEXT! When you have accepted the “no for now” situation, make sure you start to consider everything as a numbers game. The more people you approach and talk to, the more chances you have of getting the sale or the recruit into your business. Work on your presentation and treat each “no” as a learning curve and then keep saying NEXT!

overcoming rejection with go for no
Go For No To Get A Yes

As you go through your days, the continuing no replies will get easier. For those of you who may have difficulty in accepting so many people appearing to reject you, you can overcome this by targeting the “no” instead. I got this method from a book called Go For No, and this whole psychology is based on targeting the “no” answer instead of working so hard for the “yes”. It means that you get so used to the “no”, you will get more yes replies and acceptance of you product, service or opportunity. Go out with a daily target of “no” replies and you will be surprised by how many yes replies you will end up getting. When you keep going for the YES, you will work yourself into the stress levels that will be detrimental to your business. If you head out seeking 20 NO answers in a day, but to get the 20 no replies you ended up with 5 yes replies, would that be a good day?

How is this possible? Simply because you won’t be so stressed out searching for the YES. Your presentation and approach will be better because you don’t expect the yes in your subconscious. Hang on to this thought for a minute. More NO replies lead to more YES replies. When you’re relaxed and expect the no, your posture will be different and the way you speak will be different too. It will be like you’re presenting an offer to someone with no expectation and you are not worried if they don’t take up the offer. Why? Because you are programmed to expect the no, you are more confident in your approach and you have accepted that when you get the NO you expect, you just say to yourself – NEXT!

To go for no is one of the best ways I know to overcome rejection. Also it helps you to deliver your message better and also to move on to the person who is most likely going to say no, but you never know, they may just say yes. And remember; when you get the NO you’re expecting make sure you say NEXT!

To the future,

Barrie Evans

P.S. Find out more about the Go For No book and philosophy HERE