Who is looking for meI’m looking for a person who is looking for me! This is one of the things that someone who has been a big influence on both me and my business says regularly. When you find a person, then you look for another so the saying moves to “I’m looking for people who are looking for me”! Network marketers in particular need to remember this when trying to build their teams. What tends to happen is that some will get desperate and try anything to get new people in regardless of the fact the “prospect” is not really interested in what is on offer to them. This is a bad idea and should be avoided.

Who Is Looking For Me?

The way to get people looking is share valuable information that will trigger their interest and subsequently their curiosity about you. When you are prepared to look for those who are looking for you by offering value you are setting your line with great bait to attract people to you.

When you ask the question who is looking for me, you need to consider all of the above. The person who is looking for me is one that is looking for the expertise I have to offer and like the way I help them. Switch this to all of us and it’s your job to sow the seeds or throw in the line by offering something that you know these people want and then help them to move forward in their business too.

We want to attract builders who are looking for the formula to get their business to where they want it to be and therefore we need to provide those solutions in such a way that the person “who is looking for me” is not going to feel any intrusion from us. Instead they will seek us out because we are not “shoving offers in their face” and trying to get their money at all costs.

How Will I Know Who Is Looking For Me?

That’s something none of us know. It could be anyone, anywhere at any time. Keep sharing your message without being “pushy” and people will come to you. Sometimes they will come quickly, sometimes not so quickly. Everybody’s situation is different because we don’t know who is looking, where they are looking and whose content is in front of them when they make their decision.

The important thing for you is to consistently make and share content that comes from YOU. Remember the old thing that is completely true, that is people join people, not companies. When you look for people for your business, they need to know that you offer such great value and help to them that is growing their business they will follow you and stick with you because of your value.

Don’t worry about “who is looking for me”, instead offer valuable information and training and you will find that your business will flourish with sales and sign ups. People willingly give back to those who give to them.

To the future,

Barrie Evans