google author pictureOne thing that I think is cool about the Google search results is the way your picture can show up next to your url listing in the search results. This is your Google Author picture and you can add this by means of linking your site to your Google Plus profile and sending a specific link back from your site to your Google Plus listing. The Google Author picture is your G+ profile image so you don’t need to worry about adding a different image to use.

What Use Is The Google Author Picture To Me?

It shows authority and also gives you more personal credibility. It’s also a means to prove your authorship of the site you say you contribute to in your Google Plus profile. It’s an important part of any SEO strategy these days and shows up a social interaction with Google. Also a Google Author image will help your branding and congruence to your other profiles and online presence.

So, if you want to add your photo to the search results, then you need to take a few simple steps to do this.

How To Add Your Google Author Picture

First, go to your Google plus profile and look to the top toolbar. You need to click on the “About” tab and you will go to your about me page in your profile.


Then, down the right column of the page as you scroll down, you will see a Links box and inside there is a “Contributor to” line. Go down and click Edit.


Then you need to click to edit, click the edit image in the contributor section (as shown) and enter your website URL and title.


As soon as you’ve done that, the next step is to add a link back to your G+ profile from your blog with reference to you as author. If you know how to add a link to your footer or sidebar of your blog, then it’s better to do this once and it should show up all over your site. I prefer to put the link in the footer personally. If you don’t know how to add this link then contact your web developer and get them to add it for you.

The link you will need to enter is <a  href=”https://”>Google</a>

That’s it! You will have to wait a short time for Google to recognize and get everything added to the search listings, but you now have your Google Author image set up and ready to roll!

Hope this has helped.

To the future

Barrie Evans