want to attract positive things? be positiveYou have been working hard to support your family in your work, whether it’s a regular job or in your own business and yet you don’t really feel your plan is working. Sound familiar?

You wonder just how to attract what you want into your life and you hear people telling you about “attracting” all sorts of things to you by thinking positive. The thing is you doubt that you can think positive in any way. Because of this doubt, it’s inevitable that you think negatively, and this in turn shows up as more negativity and nothing seems to get better. Problems are building up and you can’t seem to find a way out. Because of this, you believe that the people telling you to “think positive” are nuts and “there is no way I can do that with all these problems around me”.

Take another look and think of it this way. If negativity can build up from something so simple and get you thinking so negatively, you can see no way out, then doesn’t it figure that thinking positive can have an opposite effect? Why? Because there is an opposite for EVERYTHING. After all, the law of nature says what goes up, must come down right?

BE What You Want To Attract

The one sure way of being able to attract the things you want IS to think positive and most of to BE what you want to attract. What do I mean by this?

Essentially, by just loving people and things around you, you feel better don’t you. You feel stronger and feel more love coming towards you. When you hate or feel anything resembling hate, you are weakened by that and are more vulnerable to feelings that are detrimental to your attitude and your feelings of well-being. When you feel LOVE for something, don’t you feel that as a magical feeling? I know I do!

So, how does this affect you in your business and working life?


You may want to attract more money into your life, which is a natural thing to want these days. How do you do that? You provide value to people and your prospects. You will be rewarded for the amount you GIVE to people by building trust and good business relationships.

When you think about others in your work team or your network marketing team for those of you with a business in that field, how do you attract the trust and support of that team? You provide them with your support, training and as much value to THEM as you possibly can. These people have joined you because of your value and your selfless help to see them succeed.

attract what you want and have beliefIf you’re not doing this, are you getting any success in building your team? Chances are that you’re not and you really need to look inside yourself and start to think of value FIRST and yourself last. What happens when you do this is magical. You are seen as a beacon in the whole realm of things around you. You shine out as different because you’re not simply bombarding people with buy this, buy that or join this company because you will get rich! You shine because you HELP people when they need it and your team grows and your income with it because you are the person who is showing the way.

People are attracted to people who genuinely CARE. When you put yourself out there and you start to think about what attracted you to something, then you need to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and think of how you were struggling to make it. Continue to BE what it is you want, continue to provide VALUE to your marketplace and see the difference it will make to you. Feel LOVE for your outcome rather than frustration that you don’t have it yet. Remember, negativity is a strong emotion that multiplies a lot quicker than positivity. When you remain positive, then the negative won’t get in and you will start to see a big difference in your results and your outcome.

Belief is a major part of all of this, but to believe, you also have to continue to be that person who attracts what you want.

The more you BE what you want to attract, the more you will actually achieve and attract what you want.

To the future,

Barrie Evans