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how to brand your nameThere is such a lot of talk going around about branding, but what exactly is your brand and how do you use it to help you reach more people, especially if you are in Network Marketing or the Home Based Business industry? The main point is that you need to find how to brand your name because people usually know the company and the products and its brand. Question is, do people join a company? Answer is no, they will join YOU.

Your brand is the core of your marketing, the central theme around getting customers and / or sign ups to your business. And remember, you are a marketer, not just a business owner and branding is a key part of that. Learning how to brand yourself successfully will create attraction to you and will lead to more success.

You need to make yourself unique and provide value to your audience. If you can show you offer value, then people will see your content and start to follow you. By creating your personal brand of you, you also gain a tangible and easy way of talking to people about what you do. It makes it so much easier to do your marketing when you offer this value and people notice you and start to interact with you and others who are following you.

When you’re creating your personal brand, you should also be creating a memorable marketing message that will inspire people to take action and choose you over your competitors.

Here are some useful tips to help you develop your brand:

Branding Your Name Tip 1

Your brand is the core of what you do. What feelings or emotions does your business inspire in you and in your customers? Did you know that peoples’ decision to buy from you or join you in your business is based on emotions, not facts?

Branding Your Name Tip 2

Think about how you present yourself, not just on your website but when people see you, talk to you on the phone, or read your email. Is your marketing consistently saying what you want it to and offering valuable information? Are you making it clear that you are there to help people and offering good products that will help them to achieve what THEY want to achieve?

Branding Your Name Tip 3

Think like your prospects, try to get inside their head and see your offer from their point of view. How do they experience what you do, and how does it make them feel? Do you ask enough questions so you know what they want?

Branding Your Name Tip 4

What is it you do that makes you stand out from the crowd? If you don’t think you do, then you need to think of a way that you can, because your brand should be somehow different from everyone else’s, it’s not enough to be just the same as others but better. One of the most important things here is to be yourself. Don’t be in any way false and lead people on for financial or personal gain because you will be found out in the end. Be truthful and honest and people will come to you.

Branding Your Name Tip 5

What are your best abilities? Do you know your greatest strengths? Choose an unbiased person, who knows you well, to help you decide what your top attributes are. When you are building your personal brand, it should be based around your unique strengths and abilities.

Ultimately, creating a strong, memorable, compelling and meaningful brand is essential for successful marketing, and something you can do with a bit of thought, and may be a bit of help from your (unbiased) friends.

So how do I do this I hear you ask?

There are many ways, and it would be useful to concentrate on the one thing that you are comfortable with and make it a success.

Personal BrandingThese methods may include:

  • Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter and the like, where you can build your personal brand and offer value in you posts and also ask pertinent questions to get good interaction from those who follow you.
  • Your own Website / Blog, where you can write useful articles or make videos that offer valuable tips and ideas on how to develop business and get more leads. Be sure to get a domain name that is preferably your own or has your name in it. This will be another step towards branding your name.
  • Promoting yourself on You Tube by creating great video content and getting more followers there.
  • Joining forums based on your particular niche and commenting and providing value to the discussions.

These are just some methods you can employ. There are many courses that can help you to develop your brand and your business online. One of the best I have found personally is the Full Time MLM Blueprint, that is a step by step training course that can help you get from zero to a full time sustainable income in as little as 90 days (this is based on the tutors own experience and may take longer, but the methods are proven).

I hope you have great success finding how to brand your name and build your business the way you want to see your business grow.


To the future,

Barrie Evans