fix your self imageHaving listened to a mindset recording today, which is a regular occurrence for me, I thought this message was worthy of sharing. How to fix your self image so you can start to make money in your home business is something that a surprising amount of people need, even though many won’t admit it! People generally get into a home based business because they want something. This goes from more income to replacing their current job with an income from a home business that is successful to just wanting to break free from the shackles of employment.

What About Your Self Image?

Are you a person who, like many others, beats yourself up because you don’t earn as much as you want to? This type of behaviour is detrimental to you BIG TIME! Why beat yourself up and keep thinking of WHY you don’t earn enough, WHY you feel the world is against you because you “can’t” get something, WHY you think you’re not WORTHY?

Truth is, ALL of us suffer some kind of pain in our lives, albeit at different levels, but this doesn’t MEAN you’re unworthy. When you BELIEVE you’re unworthy, you act as though you’re unworthy and you won’t achieve success. You may think that learning to be successful is to learn how to market effectively. Sure, this helps – A LOT, but you can get courses on learning how to market stuff ALL OVER the place! So, what IS important? What is needed is for you to work on YOU!

Learning how to change you thought process and develop a feeling of love and contentment in your own skin is a great part of making the change, and developing confidence is another, BUT!!! Is this the MOST important thing?

Your self image depends on your thought process and how you deal with the pain you have experienced. I have had painful experiences, and the reason I can write and speak so candidly about this subject is the fact I have managed to conquer some of these feelings and come out the other side.

Personally I had a blockage that was caused by something a teacher said to me in school. I thought it would be insignificant, but instead it had a real effect on my subconscious and I would ask myself regularly questions like “Will the people like me?” “Will I get on their nerves?” “Is there something wrong with me?” You get the picture? I managed to deal with this problem with 2 sessions of counselling and it has helped me very much.

How Do You Fix Your Self Image?

self imageThe recording went through a great method to shift your focus and make the difference in just 24 hours in you that will help to put you on the road to making money in your home business and change your life!

This is a choice you make, and if you make it you will see a difference. If you don’t you could be beating yourself up for ever! What you need to do is this:

Hold your hand up in front of your face and imagine it’s a mirror; turn your hand around so you’re pointing the mirror towards the people in front of you instead of towards you. What this does is take the focus from YOU onto the people in front of you. When you focus on showing people how good THEY are and how you can help THEM instead of looking in the mirror and criticizing yourself is the change you need to make.

What does this do for your self image? You won’t have the tendency to ask yourself negative questions and then answer them with a negative thought. You will see people in front of you who you praise and help to succeed in the process and more and more are attracted to you. This will change your business and your life because the attraction brings money as well as followers.

Having dealt with the blockages that have been stopping you will improve your self image naturally and it will make everything easier because you won’t be critical of yourself, but helpful to others.

Don’t be like some people who get to the brink of something big and then relapse because “they don’t deserve it” in their mind. Instead FOCUS on the good things you have done, push away the feeling of inadequacy and help your situation to heal completely.

You can have a healthy self image, but it’s up to you to take these things on board and take action on them to make the change.

To the future

Barrie Evans