how to overcome fearThere are two things that will have a big influence in your business: fear and belief. Discovering how to overcome fear is one of the most vital things for those of us who suffer from this horrible and debilitating feeling.

How To Overcome Fear With Belief

In many ways fear and belief are very closely related. The link can be so strong that it will destroy any positive thoughts and feeling we might have. For example, those who fear failure will have some belief that they are going to fail. The way to change your belief and help to kill the fear is to take a good look at ourselves in a different way.

Having experienced some fear of failure myself, I know that it is absolutely vital to conquer the fear and build a POSITIVE belief. I did this initially by focusing my belief onto the skills I know I have and the self belief that I can use these skills to benefit both myself and others I help to get success. This was a tremendous thing for me and worked very well.

Because I had gone through some financial difficulties, my mind was set on lack, this was one of the most difficult things to shift because of the nature of the fear in this case was very strong. You start to ask yourself “how am I going to get through this?” and then the fear takes over and the answers don’t come. The way to begin to combat this in my experience is to find something that you have an abundance of in your life. Abundance is the precursor to wealth. If you feel wealthy in something your area of belief changes and the fear diminishes. I knew I had abundance of love and support from my family and friends so I focused on that abundance instead of the lack. The very time I concentrated my thoughts on this abundance was when I stopped feeling “sorry for myself” and started to get the focus on my business and concentrating on my goals again. Sure, the financial stuff still needs dealing with, but with the belief and focus in the right direction, it’s a lot easier.

How To Overcome Fear Before You Begin

When you start out on a new business venture you could experience an element of fear in that. You may question whether you’re doing the right thing or many other similar types of question.

How to overcome fear in anything at all has to be a situation where you will act with CERTAINTY in your mind. You set out on this adventure because you saw a better future right? Having strong belief in yourself and the outcome is vital to your success. ANY form of doubt will be detrimental to your effort if you let it get in the way.

Education is important as well as some inspirational programming from experts and mentors in your niche. I was speaking to friend who has the fear that a new online shop won’t bring the success and the sales will not come much like the traditional business can suffer from. Online stores can succeed and indeed thrive more because they will have a wider client base to work with. The important thing here is to target the right market for the products you’re selling and learn how to promote the website, or outsource this to an expert in order to make sales and bring in the profits that this was designed to achieve. Fear of failure in this instance will stifle the belief that there will be any success!

How to overcome fear and crushing it is so important in order to keep your focus on the goals you want to achieve. Go out and build your belief in YOU and your vision instead of building belief in your fears.

To the future

Barrie Evans