custom menuDo you get frustrated when new to blogging and your blog has a lot of page links showing in the top menu and there are pages that you don’t really want to show there? It’s possible to set a custom menu so that you can choose which main pages you want to show in your main menu and also add custom links to affiliate offers you may have away from your site.

Setting Up A Custom Menu

The video below will take you through a short tutorial on how to set up a custom menu for a wordpress site and how you can use each type of menu.

Consider Your Custom Menu For SEO

When you set up your custom menus, consider a menu for your footer. You can include your categories in this menu that will help your internal linking for SEO. So where you can, consider using a footer custom menu to be placed in your main footer or bottom widget area, do it because it will be helpful for your on page SEO. To ensure compliance with a lot of legislation and a better standing with Google, it’s wise to have a privacy policy and terms of use page (You can get plug ins to help you with this). The links to these pages only need be shown in the footer area.

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Plug ins for Privacy Policy – Google privacy plugin

Terms of use plugin –the one I use is by Strategy 11. Both plugins can be found in the plugins directory accessed from wordpress.