improve focusWhatever I do, I always spend a little time on my own personal development on a daily basis. I believe that this is something that helps to improve focus and commitment to myself and my business. With this comes my commitment to YOU, because, as I’ve said before, without you I am nothing! Improving your focus is something that you can do with repetition of your tasks and being consistent with this.

Improve Focus Through Repetition

Repeated, daily massive action will help to improve your focus to reach your goals. You can develop more focus by being consistent with your action and also drive yourself forward to better things.

Take command of things yourself and be a leader who stands at the top of your tree, but in turn growing your influence to help others have similar success. All leaders have this COMMAND of themselves and everything around them, whether it’s for good or bad.

When you improve focus, you place yourself in a position where you can “step into the breach” if left alone to do a task you were going to share with a friend or other leader in your team. When you can step up in this way, you’re on your way to growing your influence because your improved focus and determination to succeed will have come to the forefront of your subconscious mind.

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you’re the best or the most EVIL person ever, it’s how you STAND UP to any challenge that’s in front of you and show you’re prepared for anything that makes you different!

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Your Growing Influence Will Also Improve Focus

train your mind and improve focusThis may be a little contradictory, but in essence creating your influence is how you grow, but in turn without growing yourself, you won’t have any influence! What this basically means is that you need to take massive ACTION in your life and business to make things happen. There are too many people around who unfortunately think they are OWED a living. This is not a personal thing, but a society thing. It’s how they are influenced to think and yet they have NO influence on themselves to make the change.

So, if you have a great idea, stand up and work with determination and desire. Be prepared to take MASSIVE action and build your influence in your niche. Get yourself a mentor who can help you to develop, but be sure to do the WORK, because NOTHING happens without the effort and work ethic to develop a great business.

Do you have the WILL to take total command of your own destiny? The top leaders do.

Can you use this command to control your body in such a way that it has to submit to your will?

Do you really understand the fact that you’re unconsciously competent? How does this happen?

You do things AUTOMATICALLY! Nobody tells you to breathe and yet you do it! Doing things consistently with repetition to be able to COMMAND your destiny must be done until you get up in the morning and you do your daily tasks, no matter HOW you feel. You will DO IT because it’s the natural thing to do.

How many times have you NOT done something because you “don’t feel like it”? Do you have a strong enough WILL to make the change and make it more natural to DO than NOT to do it? This is when you will be able to grow your influence and make the change.

Command yourself to do what you NEED to do, rinse and repeat every day and you can improve focus, grow your influence and be ready for anything!

To the future,

Barrie Evans