stuck in a rutAre you someone who feels trapped and stuck in a rut? Having read a lot of Robert Koyisaki’s Rich Dad series of books recently I understand how this can be. I can also understand how the system from government down is helping to cause these feelings. Robert Kiyosaki is of the firm belief that the education system is flawed and we are all subject to being programmed to be like a “slave” in many ways. I agree….

How Do I Break The Stuck In A Rut Feeling?

First thing to do is to understand that you need education. Self education is the best because it’s YOU that controls it! You want to set yourself free from the grind, but you don’t know how. Another thing to remember is that many of the world’s top business leaders did not even graduate from their education system. They went out and educated THEMSELVES and worked the system to their benefit instead of the governments benefit. Of course, the government did get a benefit from more taxes, but the entrepreneurs manipulated things to make themselves rich.

People like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs were just a few of the biggest winners.

Beat the stuck in a rut feeling by looking for what YOU want and go out and get it. When you find a particular business that really excites you and you feel you can do it, don’t look at the training as just training. Each module of training is the basis of your EDUCATION. Some parts won’t be used frequently, but will be important at some stage of your business.

Financial education is key. Find out how you can use finance to benefit you rather than the government. This is where Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad book serieswill help you see how you can break free. It will show you that the educational programming you have received is designed to make you feel trapped and stuck in a rut.

Get your hands on a free audio from my good friend Diane Hochman who will explain how we all get trapped and how you can break free HERE

I’ve Found A Business, But The Stuck In A Rut Feeling Is Still There!

I know that there are some companies who promise you a great income that are still based on products that you need to sell. The training you get is based on getting your team building so you can build your income faster. A lot of these are mostly outdated, even though these techniques will still work to a certain extent.

When a lot of people go out with their new business, especially with the more established and well known companies, they are still stuck in the educational programming they had from school and go all out to sell as much of the product as they can and chase the money. What they then find is they don’t make enough money and give up. This is because they are not being educated in how to get the best education to be successful if that makes sense.

Those of us with more experience know that there is more to the business than that. The money is in the team. In the case of internet marketing it’s said the money is in the list, which is essentially the same principle. Education towards change is vital to EVERYONE who is going to get into business online or in network marketing where you need to build a team.

The more modern way to build your business is to go online and brand YOU. People will join people who they know, like and trust rather than join companies. It will be my job to educate you and then your job to educate yourself and others who join you. Notice I didn’t say train, because each part of training is part of the education you will need to reprogram your mind to break free from what may have been holding you back.

Your business will need more than just the traditional methods if you work online. What you will need is a system that can help you to earn in order to fund your prospecting and teach you how to generate leads on a daily basis. This system is called a funded proposal and is a way of creating cash flow, which is the most important part of ANY business. This extra cash will enable you to build your main business because you will be able to fund advertising as well as keep your spending under control without going broke!

You can check out the system I use here for less than the cost of a coffee!

Find yourself the best training in order to work on your education. Learn the new skills and be prepared to see a change. Being stuck in a rut and feeling trapped could be the thing you need to make the decision to change your life and break free.

To the future

Barrie Evans