free affiliate marketing bookThe Iceberg Effect free book – I want to get back into writing more on this blog, and I was going to start with writing about this free book on affiliate marketing that also includes a lot about having the right mindset. My colleague got in first with the great article, so I am sharing it here. I hope you enjoy it…

Why is affiliate marketing so difficult these days? Well, I have just found out it’s due to the Iceberg Effect! Read on and I’ll tell you more.

I recently got involved with, in my opinion, one of the best training and support companies in the online marketing space. Dean Holland, who is now my mentor and trusted expert in affiliate marketing has written a book called the Iceberg Effect. In it he describes everything from his early experiences to how an affiliate internet marketing business needs to be set up in 2020.

Superb Iceberg Effect Affiliate Marketing Training In Its Own Right

I’m still waiting for my physical book to arrive, but I have listened quite intently to the audio version of the book and found it to be very informative, honest and truthful about the current situation in affiliate marketing and what everyone starting out needs to do.

the iceberg effect in online businessI can say that for a free physical product (for which I have only paid shipping and handling) it’s one of the best trainings I have ever experienced. Dean has provided enormous value and this should not be ignored. My advice to anyone wanting to have a successful affiliate marketing business, no matter what they do after, is to read and consumed this book into their thinking and take action on it.

I can say that the whole Internet Profits community is second to none in my opinion. The book is the start of the journey for anyone. Everything is backed up and 100% congruent with what Dean talks about in the book. First class, easy to understand step by step training. People who are already successful thanks to Dean’s help willingly helping others to start their journey.

The Experience Of The Iceberg Effect

Dean talks about the way any online business has to be set up in the book. This is where the comparison to an iceberg comes into play. We all know that what you see of the iceberg above the surface (the business front end) is just a small fraction of what is under the surface (the business back end).

Very often an affiliate is only able to earn from the “front end” products, which are the “way in” and the big money is left in the back end. The company that allow affiliates to promote the front end products take full advantage of upselling the high ticket items in their back end without a thought for the affiliate who introduced the customer to them. This is thankfully not the case with every company.

Dean understands this scenario better than most people and has structured their business to help his affiliates and program members to benefit from this too.

We must all understand that a successful business is a marathon and not a sprint. If you want to believe everyone who says you can earn fantastic amounts of money quickly, then you may sadly experience differently. It’s surprising how many people go out to get as many sales as they can with “cloned” product ideas that seem great, but they are not good at producing the end result required.

Dean speaks about these as “shiny objects” and he only started to see success when he ignored those things and listened to people who knew how to be successful. Dean is a testament to his own success and so thankful for the people helping him to get where he is today.

I am truly thankful to Dean and the team for helping me in every way they can. The book is a revelation for me and is something I will not just listen to in the audio version several times, but something I will read and inwardly digest for a long time to come.

Do yourself a favour and get your own free copy of the Iceberg effect because, if nothing else, the information is eye opening and will help you a lot. You can see Dean explain more about it and get your copy here. Good luck in everything you do.