Help others with Social Media Marketing StrategyLiving in the era of computers, internet and the fantastic opportunities open to all of us who work in network marketing; it’s no surprise that you will need a social media marketing strategy to help you to build your business.

As you may know, network marketing has been around for quite a long time now, but social media marketing and using this genre in your marketing is relatively new. Regardless of how old or new each one is, they are an effective way to make money if you know how to use them properly.

One of the most important things that anyone in network marketing needs is connections and leads for their business. Social media offers so much for us all to exploit and make more connections and use to generate targeted leads. Bearing this in mind, what everyone who wants to use social media for business will require a tangible and effective social media marketing strategy.

What is an effective social media marketing strategy?

Using social media requires a certain approach so that you won’t be ignored and thought of as a spammer. Making the right connections is pretty simple in concept. One easy way is to follow people who you admire and visit their page regularly and join in the discussions. This is especially true on Facebook, where you can “Like” a business or individual marketer’s page and get into that community actively. It’s important to add value to the conversation and you will get noticed. People will then want to find out more about you and what you have to offer.

Remember that marketing is about solving people’s problems. Get the connection and then ask lots of questions. That way you are more attractive to these people because you can HELP them.

You can make more connections by searching through the groups where your potential prospects hang out and then message them. First thing to do is to check them out a little and find out if you have a common interest. This will enable you to make an initial connection in your contact message, which could read something like:

“Hi Name, I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I notice that you are well into dog training and I have a mutual interest in the same thing. Perhaps we could exchange tips and tricks? It would be great to connect with you. Hope to talk with you soon. Regards, Your Name”

Make connections with a social media marketing strategyThis is a polite and easy way to “break the ice” and not as offensive as requesting the friend and then pitching the next best product you believe in on their wall. First of all, you have no idea if they have the same belief structure as you and the other thing is it’s downright rude and can be seen as offensive.

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site, the principle is the same. Yes, you need to ask for the connection, but adding value FIRST and politely asking for a connection is vital to begin your social media marketing strategy effectively. Asking questions is key to find out more about how you can help your prospect to solve THEIR problem.

Social media marketing strategy is what?

“It’s not about the products, it’s about the relationships.”

There are many great marketers out there who are having massive success on social media marketing and are real masters. Attraction marketing is really “heading the game” and sites like Facebook and Twitter are where it’s at, closely followed by Pinterest and then the rest behind that. If you want to make money from social media and build a great business you need this effective strategy and provide the best value you can to the marketplace.

Make the most of your very own social media marketing strategy and I hope to see you being the great success you want to be.

To the future,

Barrie Evans