The power of your imaginationPart 4 of 10 based on the life principles of the great Albert Einstein. This post is all about imagination and how powerful it really is. When you can take advantage of your imagination and use it to take inspired action, you will be onto a winner.

Einstein said – “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Thinking of where he was when he came up with the Theory of Relativity, this must have something to do with inspiration and imagination. Einstein was in fact sick with the ‘flu and laid in his bed. He must have been thinking all sorts of things, more especially how rotten he was feeling because of this ‘flu. This didn’t stop the great mind from working and him getting that “eureka” moment.

Imagination And The Great People Of The Past.

Consider the great people who must have used their imagination to the fullest:

  • Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931) was an American of Dutch origin. An inventor and businessman who pioneered several things that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph and a long lasting light bulb. The young Edison’s mind often wandered when in school. It was reported that was terrible at mathematics, unable to focus, having difficulty with his speech. This brought Edison’s three months of official schooling to an end. Edison was in fact deaf, and this was attributed to scarlet fever which he suffered during childhood and also recurring untreated middle ear infections.
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven – Beethoven was as we know a true inspiration. Being able to compose and play music after being completely deaf is quite a feat in itself. Beethoven was but a man, but he conquered his disability and developed into one of the greatest musicians of all time.
  • Johnnie Ray (1927 – 1990) was a singer, songwriter, and pianist. Ray worked on a unique rhythm based style, often said to be something that alternated between pre-rock R&B and a more conventional classic pop approach. Because of an injury sustained at the age of 13 he was partially deaf. An accident caused him to be deaf in his right ear and occurred during a Boy Scout event. He had surgery in New York in 1958, which left him almost completely deaf in both ears, but he did have help from using hearing aids.

Edison had his imagination, which is just as well because he led the revolution of using electricity to get light into our homes, workplaces and on the streets. Without his work it may have taken a lot longer to develop these things. He also had belief in what he did. He always thought of failure in the sense of well, that doesn’t work, so I’ll keep going until I find the solution. What a guy!

As musicians, you can “hear” the music in your head. If you also have the rhythm that is a great bonus. Imagination is something that Johnnie Ray and Beethoven must have relied on as well as their will to succeed.

How Does Imagination Help In Business And Life?

Struggling for success, like Beethoven, is something many of us can relate to. When you look at many personal development programs, there is mention of “imagining” yourself in the situation of success even before you get there.

Business and imagination to develop new strategies and then carrying them out and testing is something that is a daily occurrence for successful business people.

We ALL have a powerful imagination. We just need to take advantage of it. If you don’t think this is applicable to you, think of when you were a child and the things you imagined then. As you imagined going on that trip with your friends to somewhere, how did it make you feel? How clear was it in your mind?

You still have the power inside you to access this, even though you may have some doubts about it. I’ll bet you have recently imagined going to the beach when the sun is shining and it’s hot, or doing something you love to do when you’re free and able to do it.

Am I right?

See, you DO have the power. Use this power to imagine what you will do when (not if) you reach your business and life goals. Use this imagination to INSPIRE you. The great people like Edison and Beethoven were inspired. They were “in spirit”. Without the imagination and the inspired action, Edison would possibly have never invented the light bulb, or perhaps the 5th symphony (and the rest) would never have come to fruition from Beethoven.

Imagination is important. Without it you could be completely lost and devoid of ideas. You have great power within you to succeed when you access this precious and valuable asset. Use it and have a great life.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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