Think positive to achieve moreThere are 2 things I will talk about in this post. Both based around positivity. Positive thinking is making sure you think with an optimistic attitude and believe in and expect positive outcomes.  Positive behaviour is basically acting with energy, enthusiasm and purpose. Thinking and behaving positively helps to focus your mind on your goals, building up a matching mental and physical energy.

Positive behaviour and thinking are things that can help you to land a top job – your first job, a promotion, a change of jobs – whatever you are hoping to achieve in your ongoing career.

Thinking Positive And The Subconscious

Your subconscious functions to support your thoughts and behaviours. This is done by triggering matching psychological responses. According to proven research, positive thinking and behaviour each have a big impact on one’s personal performance, confidence and even health.

The effect that the positivity has is to help the brain to develop matching, positive chemical and physical responses, which includes increased physical energy and mental alertness, improved respiration and circulation along with increased beneficial endorphins. Having a more positive attitude will boost your ability to perform and show more enthusiasm, energy, competence, and confidence. These are qualities interviewers look for when they hire new people or promote existing employees to a higher level.

On the flip side, the brain will stimulate matching negative chemical and physical responses, such as increased blood pressure, reduced mental alertness, increased anxiety, decreased physical energy and other bad reactions and responses when you think negatively.

These kinds of responses will create less energy, damage creativity and performance, and at the same time erode self-confidence.

Steps To Boost Your Success With Positive Thought

Here are the 4 steps that can help you to boost your performance when you think positively:

  1. Do something to motivate yourself every day.
    Believe you’re already successful. Expect positive outcomes from whatever you work on. Of course you may have some things that will not work out as smoothly as you want, but with this positive attitude, you are more likely to find solutions to problems rather than worry about them.
  2. Always work with energy and enthusiasm.
    Employers like to hire people who are full of positive energy and enthusiasm. If you don’t already, work on developing the habit of speaking, moving and acting with these qualities.
  3. Practice a “positive expectation” mind-set until it’s automatic.
    Anyone who shows great enthusiasm and positive behaviour will create a “positive chemistry” that rubs off on others around them. Hiring or promotion decisions are often greatly influenced by this positive energy. You will be able to reach your peak potential by developing this habit. If you have your own home business and want to build a team of people to work with, it’s important to develop this. People want to work with people who UPLIFT them. This can only happen if you are positive and help them overcome their own potential negativity.
  4. Think about any of your past successes.
    If you have any doubt about something, you can focus on any past successes if applicable. This will help to remind you of your abilities and how you managed to do what was needed then. This will help you to reach your goals.
    Use this tactic in a positive way. It does no good to yourself or your future if you dwell on past events all the time.
    There is no point, for example, in dwelling some bad dealings with individuals who were took advantage of your good nature to get something done and only wanted to complain. Ultimately thePositive thinking and past successy didn’t pay you and caused you a lot of grief. This will develop negative thoughts and feelings. Remember the experience and make sure it doesn’t happen again! Focus on what you’re doing now and in the future. You will get there! Keep your focus on the past and it will continue to haunt you.
    Everything is a learning process. After all, do you know anyone who was born knowing how to ride a bicycle or being able to fix a faulty computer without learning first?
    It takes training, practice and some trial error to be able to master the abilities you need in life. When you succeed at something, hold it in your mind to refer to it. When you make mistakes, hold them as feedback so you don’t do the same things over and over and believe it’s all part of learning.
    Keep going and remember that you have the ability to succeed because you have done so before. The only people who truly fail are those who give up!

Positive thinking and behaviour is very important and must never be underestimated in whatever you do to create your successful life. Every day is a new life to a wise man.

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