increase blog trafficOne thing anyone who works online wants is an increase of blog traffic and a good way to build more authority and influence. These things are key to creating a sustainable income and business if you have your own blog. One great way to get more exposure is to take a look at Beth Hewitt’s Simple Blogging Challenge. Why? Because it will help to get you more traffic, more authority and help to give your blog a boost in rank, especially the Alexa ranking.

How Does The Challenge Increase Blog Traffic?

As part of the challenge, each person writes their content and then shares and syndicates content all over social media. A requirement of taking part is to share and syndicate the content of other participants and also to comment on the posts.

The syndication of content all over social media by several participants gives the opportunity for a LOT more people to be subjected to your content, which will increase your blog traffic. The commenting will help to increase your authority and the sharing will help to increase your site’s exposure all over the internet. The increase of traffic will boost the Alexa ranking.

More Blog Traffic Equals More Authority Equals More Leads!

improve blog rankProviding that everything is set up properly on your site and you have enticing offers and the CALL TO ACTION that you need to be able to capture the visitor’s information, then you should see an increase in leads. More traffic to the best quality content you can put out will give you more authority in the reader’s eye and then you will grow your influence as you develop into the challenge.

Yes, it’s about people helping people, but a lot of this business actually is. The rest is down to you and how you take advantage of the opportunity to improve your blog traffic, build your authority and influence and improve your ranking.

I would say that to get into Beth Hewitt’s Simple Blogging Challenge for 30 days to significantly boost your blog traffic and authority is going to be a good thing. Fancy taking part? You can join here – See you on the inside.

To the future

Barrie Evans