Their are two things we get hung up on as NEW home business professionals.

  1. Generating Traffic

  2. Converting Your Traffic Into Sales

*Traffic is hard because most people come online with this poverty mindset that they will grow their business as long as they don’t have to invest anymore money. Hence they start free traffic practices which are hard and take a long time to get going and they end up quitting.

Today Were Not Talking About That 🙂

Today, I want to give you a secret that will allow you to convert more sales NOW!

“The Indian Jewelery Store”

-I grew up in a neighborhood that had all you needed. We had supermarkets, drug stores, clothing stores, and of course jewelery stores. And inside this jewelery store in particular their was a little Indian Women who sold pretty handmade jewelery. As you can imagine most people didn’t know the true value of her jewelery.

The only way they knew was by touch and seeing. If it looked nice it had to have been worth a lot. If it was heavy and sturdy it had to been worth a lot of money. So for weeks I went into this Jewelery store and one necklace was always their. And I asked the lady why and she said she didn’t know and that she was going to double the price. In the moment that didn’t make much sense to me. Yet TODAY it does. You see the next time I went to the store the necklace was gone.


Because the perceived value rose. Customers believed that a high price must mean high value. And that’s what you want to do as a newbie. No matter what level or point your at in your business you must always increase your perceived value.

Ways To Increase Your Perceived Value As A Sponsor

*Create content that gives value to the niche your in and submit it to the web (Now when they look you up, they’ll have a ton of content that will motivate you to read)

*Create a product (I like coaching or consulting products) and charge a lot of money for it. I don’t care if they buy, yet high ticket products will boost your credibility.

*Have your wife or husband interview you with questions that your niche want answers to and record yourself answering them.

*Be available to answer questions when you get them.

-If you get targeted traffic and follow this one secret you’ll double your sales. Remember their is an expert for many different people so never think your to far removed to make a difference.

JMC Mason Rudolph is a Facebook and Content Marketing expert within the MLM/Network Marketing Niche. For more content and training of his, Click Here