Invest In Yourself, It’s The Best You Can Do

invest in yourselfWhen starting out in business it’s important that you invest in yourself first. Working on your personal development however you can will set you up in the right way to cope with the trials of business and the everyday things that you will have to deal with. Investing in yourself and your education, whether it’s with a very small budget or in time will be very beneficial in the end.

Invest In Yourself – Education

Investing in your education is important. Set aside a budget to get the things you require to carry out your business effectively. When working in online business you need to look at the method you want to adopt to market your business and become an expert at it. The way to do this is to study the experts that are already there and learn all you can. Find someone who you feel a good connection with and go with them. If they have a course that you can afford, invest in yourself and buy it!

If you don’t have a budget to work with until you earn some money, check out the free sources and DO things. You need to find out what works for you and the best way is to start. Don’t wait to be perfect, instead put stuff out there that gets you seen. Invest in yourself with time if you don’t have money. Be consistent and do the daily tasks that will make the difference in the end, even if you don’t think these small tasks matter!

There is never a day goes by that you won’t learn something. When you understand the importance of this and recognize that you can use a lot of what you learn on a daily basis in your marketing. When you become aware of what is around you, you will be surprised what you can use to benefit you and how you can try something new.

Invest In Yourself – Commitment

invest in youWhen you invest in yourself it’s important to have commitment to get to your outcome. Your outcome will be to make money and help others to do the same if you work in a network marketing business or similar. If you work a traditional type of business, you still need the commitment to an outcome and you will still be providing value and assistance to people through your products or services. Providing great customer service and helping others to solve a problem they have is your outcome.

People in general think of investing as putting money into something, usually a business or financial scheme that brings them a return. When investing in yourself, it’s the same thing and the commitment you have to getting your return is the key to your success. Taking simple doable tasks daily on a consistent basis will make all the difference to your ultimate success when you remain committed to these tasks.

To invest in yourself is the first step to developing a great business. Choose your method and your education source wisely and you can benefit immensely from your choice. Adopt what you learn and look for positive results when you apply the things you do learn to your daily tasks and commit to your future with a good attitude.

To the future

Barrie Evans

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28 Responses to Invest In Yourself, It’s The Best You Can Do

  • Great recommendations. Almost anything you attempt to do requires some kind of preparation, Education and dedication.
    Having a business of your own, it is even more crucial to be prepared because there is no one there to direct you.
    Your time and energy is the biggest investment you can make to your business, because only you can do that.

  • Thanks Barrie! We’ve just started looking into using our blog as a business rather than just an outlet, so investing in education has been really important and useful for me in the past few months. I’ve been using a lot of free resources but eventually once we learn more about the tech side we’ll move into paid programs probably. Thank you for the “road map!”

  • Hi Barrie
    Interesting post, investing in your own personal development is something that lots of people struggle with. If only they were taught at an early age to set goals and have aspirations then more people would know how to make their lives better.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject

  • To invest in yourself is really a good investment. When you want to achieve new things in life you have to think and act different. So it’s a wise thing to educate yourself to open your point of view.

  • Good reminder,I think learning and investing in education and self improvement is the most important we should do.
    Thank you

  • Hi Barrie, I agree Investment in yourself is the best Investment anyone can make, I know that investing your time in Personal Development and Self – Help books is worth any money and will serve you for a very very long time. Thanks for sharing 😉

  • Too many people think that their education ends when they leave school.

    Boy, have they got it wrong, that is when your education really begins and if you don’t continue to educate yourself continually, then you will always be stuck in your job, without any real future.

    Took me a long time to realise this, but it is never too late.

    Thanks for a great post Barrie

  • Hi Barrie,
    Excellent video and glad to see you’re not shy getting behind the camera, and using Windows Movie player … great way to mak video! I absolutely agree with you, self education and personal developemnt. It not only helps you grow, but by learning more, you can teach more. Which is something I love to do … wonderful and sincere post

    • Hi Lesly. thanks for your comment. I’m not shy of the camera – you should see some of the things I’ve done! I love to get on stage and entertain people too, great fun!

  • I agree Barrie, educating yourself and then sharing it with
    others is the best way to proceed.

  • Hi Barrie

    I think you are right..You Do need to invest into your self… After all that’s what all the big companies do right now… They Invest in their staff… if this is your company then you NEED to invest time and money in your own development.

  • I totally agree bro, you need to invest in yourself. No matter what type of business you run I believe you have to invest in some kind of education to improve. Even if you feel you didn’t benefit a lot from a workshop, book, course etc. at least you’ll get motivated and know that you’re on the right direction.

    Great post bro, Thnx.


  • Barrie,
    Your blog looks great! 🙂

  • i) Attitude – if it’s not positive then there are certain aspects about yourself or your situation that you are not happy with or that you are resisting.
    Monica Baxter recently posted…No last blog posts to return.My Profile

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