marketing in MLMWith so many home business entrepreneurs out there these days looking for the best system of marketing in MLM, it’s important to know systems that work. Of course, there will be an argument for nearly every system because each individual is different and will achieve differing level of success.

Question is, when you go through your company’s training, it usually centres around those you know who like and trust you. Friends and family are the first to come to mind. So what do you do when you run out of these “prospects”, who may have no interest in what you are doing, and so you have to cold call people? Cold calling is uncomfortable at the best of times. Think about it this way, do you like this type of approach? I know I don’t. So the question is what next?

Network marketing is about people and relationships. People join people not companies so you need to develop the best way to form and build relationships with people who will be the ones who join you in your business.

How do we do this? One great way is to adopt the principle of attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is where you provide value to people by sharing your knowledge and help others to achieve what they want to achieve. This doesn’t mean that you bombard people with your offer because you think they want what you want because who wouldn’t want to be rich right? You need to get in front of people, that’s pretty obvious, but which is best – “look at this offer / opportunity and it will change your life” or “hi, I notice you have expressed an interest in working from home. I have some expertise in xxxx that could help you in your business building efforts. Interested, call me on xxxxxx”.  There are many examples, but which approach so you believe is the most attractive and who would you check out first?

So you check out the person who has offered to HELP you and find that they are genuinely doing what they say because you have seen their website and the value in what they offer. Would you contact them? If yes, then that person can build a solid relationship with you and help you to solve your problem and get more success.

You have been the “victim” of someone who adopts the principles of attraction and now you have a new friend who is helping you with the things you were having difficulty with. Would you join them in their business to learn more from them and build a solid and profitable business so that you can pay it forward to your new prospects?

Attraction marketing in mlm for successThe attraction marketing system is one the main methods adopted by top industry leaders these days. It works for them, so in turn will work for us too.

This doesn’t mean we don’t use some of the old systems to recruit, but we adopt the techniques we learn to each and every situation.

Remembering than MLM and network marketing is a people business and to get the best from our business we need to help others achieve their goals to be able to achieve ours.

Think about the question – Is attraction marketing in MLM the best system? Think of what has been discussed and judge for yourself.

To the future

Barrie Evans