buy solo adsThat’s a question and a half isn’t it? Are you “into” solo ads or don’t you believe they are the best thing? Whatever your opinion, there is good and bad in everything we do. So which is the best way? Buy solo ads or go for the free ones? Whichever you actually choose, based on your budget, solo ads are a proven way to build your list. What you actually have to do is learn how to set things up properly and make sure you TRACK the results.

Buy Solo Ads And Grow Your List Quicker?

It’s true that when you actually buy solo ads you can build your list quickly. Now, whether you have responsive BUYERS is a bit of a gamble. Whatever the situation, you need to get yourself into the mode of connecting and building the relationship with the people on your list.

It’s important to get some training to be able to learn about how you can get the best from your efforts and make sure you ask questions of the list vendor BEFORE you order a solo ad. There’s no point in sending out a weight loss product to a list that is predominantly interested in SEO or vice versa. For a great training system that you can start for only $1 and will help you to create your own offer and show you how to promote it, go check out the DCSX system HERE.

Ask the solo ad provider to check your offer to see if the offer you have will be a good fit for their list. Any bona fide vendor will reply and tell you whether it’s a good fit because they don’t want to upset the people on their list after building up their own relationship with them. If you don’t get any reply, then it’s best to leave them alone.

There is a great resource where several providers are available for you. I’ve had a good experience of this service and you can find out more about it by going to the website. You can join the site for free is you only want to purchase ads, but you may want to think of the future and be able to provide solo ad packages yourself. There are 3 level for this and you can check out option 1 HERE, option 2 HERE and option 3 HERE.

No Funds To Buy Solo Ads, Then Go For The Free Option.

Free solo ads or buy solo adsIf you’re really struggling, there are some free options for you to take advantage of. The thing to do is to subscribe to the list and see the format of the emails and then write some yourself. Because you can usually only send emails every few days, it’s best to make up a spreadsheet with your urls and information for each site. Make sure you have a column for when you sent your email and then when the next one is due.

Another great tip for you so you don’t get overwhelmed; only join a couple of sites a day and work them into your schedule.

You can Google for free ads or solo ads, but you can find a good selection of sites here. OR, if you get into the training in the DCSX system, you will get this information there.

When you buy solo ads or use the free ones available, you should always track your results. You can get a free tracker HERE that will enable you to make a start. Good luck and make a killing!

To the future

Barrie Evans