The secret of wealthCould the Universal Law of Attraction be a part of the secret of wealth? The universal law of attraction states:

We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to–whether wanted or unwanted.

There are those that think we attract by ‘default’ rather than by deliberate choice. We are governed by whether we think positively or negatively. For instance, thinking about solutions to potential problems is a positive way to deal with things. This way, the problem ceases to be a problem because you already have dealt with it. If you say to yourself that you have this or that problem to deal with, the “problem” becomes more difficult because you haven’t already thought of the solution.

This is down to mindset. Those who have a positive mindset tend to get more done than those who dwell on “I can’t” or “this is difficult for me” because the negative thinking of the latter prevents the faster progress. Not saying that they won’t make it, but their thought processes need to be changed however slightly.


So how can this be part of the secret of wealth?

If you have your own business then it’s likely you are looking to have a better lifestyle and have a better future for yourself and your family. If you can adopt the principles of positive thought then you can work around problems with solutions, rather than worrying how you are going to get through the day when you have yet another problem to deal with. The former example of positive thought process is more likely to progress more quickly because they have the solutions and take action mindset rather than the worry and do little mindset.

When adopting the principles of attraction marketing then the process expands into building relationships and using positive thought to help others deal with their problems. So, if the solution mindset person were to talk with the worrier and help them to change their thought process and help them to solve their problems efficiently, and then know they can do the things that made them worry, would they be attracted to the solution person and want to be close to them? You bet.

attract people to youApplying this into a MLM home based business can help you to build a team of successful people who are close to you and are attracting others to them growing the team and the business for every one of you in the team. When the team grows, the business grows and then the income grows. If this is consistent, then the income grows consistently and therefore creates wealth.

Is the universal law of attraction a part of the secret of wealth? Based on the methods shown above it surely is, but it takes consistent work and personal development to get there.

To the future,

Barrie Evans


Use the power of attraction to help build your business.

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