good samaritan definitionA lot of us will know the parable of the Good Samaritan and the meaning behind the story. I wonder if there is a Good Samaritan definition for those of us in business too. For those who are not as familiar with the ethic behind the story, basically the Jews and Samaritans didn’t get on (sound familiar?) and a Priest and Levite left a poor injured man alone to suffer, but a Samaritan helped him in spite of his race or creed.

What Is A Good Samaritan Definition For Business?

I believe that, as business owners working online or offline with a team of people who need our help, we are the ones that the confused can turn to at any time. Yes, our motives may be to get people to join us so we can develop our business, but in the same measure we should be the people who are willing to help a prospect see the right way to do business and help them to solve their problems.

To comply with the Good Samaritan definition we should be looking to heal the wounds left in some people who have been brought into a business and then left to fend for themselves. They are the “injured man” on the side of the road who was ignored by the Priest and the Levite who avoided him because they were embarrassed by his mere presence.

Acting like the Good Samaritan, we will attract the people who have been left in the “injured man’s” predicament simply because we CARE for them and want to help them to heal and move forward with their business.

A Good Samaritan Definition For Business Generates Rewards

Included in any Good Samaritan definition should be the reward to us all of receiving. It’s more evident that when we give freely we will receive. When you give your help and support to a person who is struggling in their business, you will get rewarded by a sale or possibly a number of sales. People reciprocate in many ways when they have trust and like you.

It’s your job to be the Good Samaritan in their business life to get them past their pain and into the comfort and prosperity they are looking for. Network marketing is a people business, as are certain other business models that are internet based. When people struggle, it’s usually because they have been told that “other people will do the work for you” and all you do is to accept the money. How many businesses do you know that actually WORK that way? There is ALWAYS some work required not matter what hype you’re confronted with!

The meaning of the Good Samaritan story is evident. If we adopt this into our lives, we cannot ever be anything other than a friend to anyone and everyone no matter what their nationality or their beliefs are. We are universal in caring for people to achieve SUCCESS!

Considering the Good Samaritan definition fully, we all care for a person because they need our HELP. The person who is struggling in business is struggling because they have been left to their own devices most of the time. When you overcome the barriers with them, they will stick to you like glue and you will both benefit from the deal.

To the future

Barrie Evans